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The doctor is in!

Doctor Doom is a card that can truly surprise opponents at the end of any game of Marvel Snap. The sudden addition of 15 power isn’t that uncommon on turn six, but there are a few cards that can spread that strength around the three locations. Doctor Doom is powerful because he can affect all three locations and shift the game into his controller’s favor. Finding a good shell for this card is a bit easier for Doctor Doom as he tends to be one of the more flexible six-cost cards in Marvel Snap. To get you started, here are a few Doctor Doom decks to try out on the Marvel Snap ranked ladder.

Doctor Patriot

Deck List: Squirrel Girl, Misty Knight, Shocker, Patriot , Mystique, Cosmo, Storm, Kazar, Omega Red, Blue Marvel, Doctor Doom

– Great winning multiple locations at the end of a game
– Doesn’t live or die by having Patriot
– Admittedly, it’s pretty fun to watch robots fly across the screen

– A bit expensive/specific card driven
– Have to play around Killmonger on turn six
– A lot math

For those keeping track of the other deck lists on TGH, this one may look a little familiar. Doctor Doom and Patriot are absolute best buds. Buffing up the DoomBots allows you to place fourteen power across two locations, often times swinging the game around for you.

The rest of the list is essentially a stock Patriot list. The goal is to have a ton of cards on the board, and strengthen them all by slamming Patriot whenever you draw him. Doctor Doom is the heavy hitter alongside Ultron, but sadly you don’t often get a chance to play both. This deck list is a great intro for those trying to just play Doctor Doom and see how he impacts the game.

Cerebro 5

Deck List: Lizard, Cerebro, Polaris, Deathlok, Zabu, Drax, Miles Morales: Spider-Man, Namor, Warpath, Omega Red, Sera, Doctor Doom

– The base power of all the cards helps put immediate pressure on the opponent
Doctor Doom puts 21 power on the board at a pivotal time in the game
Zabu/Sera allows you to dump your hand on turn 6

– Can have clunky draws sometimes
– Locations can change Cerebro math
– Not a ton of interaction with the opponent

Doctor Doom’s strength as a card is his ability to add multiple cards to the board in one swing. Just like the Doctor Patriot list before, it is important to try and make use of those additional Doombots as much as possible. While Patriot does a great job of buffing the bots, it doesn’t help Doctor Doom and there are times where that could cost you some cubes. That’s where Cerebro comes to save the day.

Cerebro is a card that plenty of players often try to use with cheaper, weaker cards in order to land a massive turn six play to buff everything and steal a win. However those decks can lose steam fast, and if they can’t find their key pay-off card, it all falls apart. The goal with Cerebro 5 is to have strong enough individual cards to be able to beat opponents in the event you don’t draw Cerebro.

Locations can often times be tricky, but sometimes they flip in your favor

Since half of the deck actually costs four energy, cards like Zabu and Sera are critical to those big end game plays. Though even without them, playing cards that are strong in their own right is sometimes all you need. Polaris, Warpath, and Lizard are all just strong enough threats that can just be plenty to win a location or a match. Drax feels quite good now as well thanks to his recent buff.

The struggle with this particular list is having to ensure that every card stays at five power. The moment that one of your cards gains power in some way, Cerebro will mess up your location math. This makes Warpath and Namor tricky cards to use as they can suddenly gain power quickly.

Double Doombots

Deck List: Iceman, Psylocke, Scorpion, Ironheart, Gambit, Juggernaut, Rhino, Wong, Jessica Jones, White Tiger, Doctor Doom, Odin

– Plenty of different angles of attack
– A ton of power to go around

Wong telegraphs your plays
Cosmo on turn six is a back-breaker

While Wong might be the biggest giveaways as to what you might be doing, it’s still up to the opponent to actually stop you. Everyone and their mother knows that you are about to slam a White Tiger, Ironheart, or Silver Surfer wherever you play Wong, but the combination is so strong that it’s always worth going for. Now we want to bring even more options to this line of play by bringing in Doctor Doom.

The perfect sequence for this goes something like: Turn four Wong, turn five White Tiger, turn six Doctor Doom. Two seven-power tigers and another two five-power DoomBots should be plenty to lock down at least one location, if not both.

The deck has plenty of great options to double up on On Reveal abilities, making the deck multi-dimensional. You won’t see Doctor Doom every game, so it becomes important to have back up plans. Best of all, the deck itself is very customizable and can be updated to your specific playstyle.

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