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5 Most Sustainable Travel Destinations for 2023


In case you’re one of those wonderful environmentally aware people and are looking for ways to combine your love for travel and the concept of eco-friendliness you live by, you’ll be happy to know that there are others out there who have given it some serious thought, too. With the demand for sustainable tourism and the effort some countries have made to preserve the environment across their territories, it’s now possible to find some phenomenal travel destinations which will fulfill all of your expectations when sustainability is concerned. Here are some of the best sustainable travel destinations for 2023.

Gozo, Malta

Just off the coast of the lovely Malta, there’s an island you’ll simply adore. Gozo boasts some of the most attractive beaches you’ll ever get to see, and hence attracts tourists from all over the world. In order to maintain the appeal, the island’s authorities, as well as the people actually living on the island, go out of their way to stay responsible towards their natural surroundings, and this is what they expect from their guests as well. From their welcoming farmhouses to rural villas and seaside hotels, the island embraces alternative tourism by providing tourists with a variety of activities and sites. This means that, other than their spectacular beaches, you can get an insight into their cultural and historical heritage, but also try some delicious and healthy organic food while staying on the magical Gozo.


As stunningly beautiful as this country is, the number of tourists that visit it is still a reasonable one, meaning that it isn’t overflowing with people, that it’s actually pleasant place to spend your vacation in and, most importantly, that you don’t have the face the pollution of the typical tourist destinations. In addition, the country takes great pride in their authenticity, which you can see and experience yourself if you take some time to research accommodation options there. Perhaps your choice will be a wooden hut in the rural parts, allowing you to explore the mountains and the riversides of this amazing country. On the other hand, if you want to inhale the fresh sea air above a charming marina, you can book a room in the most luxurious hotels in Tivat on beach. This way you can enjoy the view, but also mouthwatering food and your own privacy, while abiding by the sustainability principles you believe in.


U.S. Green Technology

The enormous glaciers, incredible hot springs and astonishing volcanoes are merely some of the most magnificent sights that Iceland has in store for you. The best thing about them is that, in order to conserve the natural environment of their country, the people of Iceland have done their best to promote eco-tourism and attract those tourists who are as passionate about it as they are. Although the tourism rates have gone up in recent years, the environmentally friendly infrastructure and limiting the number of visitors to some areas of the country are keeping the sustainability levels in tourism at their highest. Whether you decide to visit Iceland in summer or winter, you’ll be able to try a variety of eco-friendly activities, such as glacier walks, camping, river rafting or whale watching, ensuring you have the vacation of a lifetime in 2023.


A country that has completely banned plastic bags deserves to be on your sustainable destination list for that alone, but when you also take into consideration their accomplishments with conserving gorillas and wildlife in general, you’ll want to book your trip to Rwanda straight away. In addition, this marvelous country has a plan to reforest about a third of their land, so as to create pathways and habitats for their bountiful wildlife. As if that’s not enough, they take a day each month when the entire community, including their president, goes outside and takes part in cleaning their country. If you opt for visiting Rwanda this year, you’ll definitely be doing the nature a huge favor.


Did you know that Bhutan is the only carbon-negative country in the world? The country also strictly regulates the number of tourists and they have a minimum charging rate for those who want the permit for entering their territory, which has proved to be a successful strategy, as many travelers would gladly pay a bit extra to avoid the horrible crowds. Furthermore, a huge chunk of what they make from tourism goes into enhancing their infrastructure, as well as their educational and healthcare systems, meaning that you’ll be contributing to further development of Bhutan’s sustainability if you take a trip there. The locals are friendly, hospitable and compassionate, which will make your stay that much more pleasurable. And let’s not forget the green forests, remarkable mountain passes and glacial valleys, as well as some of the most interesting cultural centers, all of which you’ll be able to learn more about from official guides, making your vacation unforgettable.

With these staggering travel destinations, there’s nothing stopping you from making your next vacation a sustainable one. After all, if you’re investing in traveling, it’s logical to make the investment count in more than one way.

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