AI Chatbot ChatGPT Predicts Tradecurve Price Shiba Inu Burn Rate Surges 1500% In 24 hours

The cryptocurrency market is full of surprises and rapid fluctuations. Today, we explore the contrasting developments in the last 24 hours. While ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot, provides insights into the price prediction for Tradecurve (TCRV), a significant surge in the burn rate of Shiba Inu (SHIB) was witnessed within a short span of 24 hours. Let’s dive into the details and uncover the potential implications for these two projects.


  • Shiba Inu (SHIB) sees a price rise after burn rate surge
  • ChatGPT claims Tradecurve (TCRV) could boom soon 
  • Tradecurve’s ICO expected to see a 100x increase

Shiba Inu (SHIB) experiences a burn rate increase 

Shiba Inu (SHIB), another meme coin based on the same dog breed as Dogecoin (DOGE), emerged as a rival in the cryptocurrency market shortly after Dogecoin’s breakthrough. The massive and devoted Shiba Inu army of users has once more shown impressive results in the burning sector. 

In the previous 24 hours, they have taken approximately 225,049,340 SHIB coins out of circulation. According to the information given by the Shibburn tracking platform, these efforts have increased the Shiba Inu burn rate by about 1,500%.

This increase in burn rate has caused the Shiba Inu token value to see a slight rally as it trades hands at $0.000008839 with a market cap of $5.2B, which is a rise of 1.36% in the last day alone. Experts remain bullish for Shiba Inu, predicting it reaches $0.000009098 by December 2023

Tradecurve (TCRV) to see fantastic price growth as per ChatGPT

While Shiba Inu is still having difficulty seeing any major price movements, with many holders slowly losing their confidence, Tradecurve (TCRV) has already experienced a 50% rise from its starting price of $0.01. This Stage 3 presale has become a point of discussion for both market experts and investors, as it could disrupt the online trading industry. 

By creating a borderless, hybrid trading exchange where users may trade all derivatives on one account while remaining completely anonymous, Tradecurve has the potential and ambitions to leave traditional trading platforms such as OKX and Robinhood in the dust. 

Moreover, traders can utilize their cryptocurrency assets as collateral and for payments, something rarely seen in the current trading market. Users may just create an account using their email, link a crypto wallet to it and begin trading – eliminating the need for sign-up KYC checks and offering a fully private trading environment for all traders. 

Those who are just beginning their trading journey can utilize AI algorithmic trading bots or copy trades from other veteran traders by subscribing to them. If anyone wishes to learn new strategies, they can also enrol in the metaverse trading academy that Tradecurve will launch soon. 

Currently, the Tradecurve utility token, TCRV, is in Stage 3 of its presale and has a value of just $0.015. Only 40% of the 1.8B token supply is available during its presale, and demand is high. With millions of tokens already sold, experts predict that a 50x increase will be in store for TCRV as the presale advances. Although ChatGPT cannot predict future valuation, it did point the finger at the markets that Tradecurve will tap into. Take the forex market, for example; it was valued at $753.2B in 2022 – just capitalizing off of 1% of it may generate millions. 

Because of this, a 100x increase for the TCRV token may not be out of the question when the token launches since a major Tier-1 CEX or Unsiwap listing is expected.

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