Amsterdam-based tech startup Aito bags €6M to bring its finger sensing and haptic touch solutions to market

Amsterdam-based tech startup Aito has secured a new round of funding backed by existing investors KBC Focus Fund, FORWARD.One and Innovation Industries as well as individual high net worth investors.

The latest round, which brings the company’s total funding to €6 million, its largest to date, will be used to support growth and fuel its ongoing expansion plans. The fresh capital infusion will play a crucial role in enabling the company to further develop and commercialize its innovative finger-sensing and haptic touch solutions.

Aito will also use the funding to extend its reach with new customers and into new laptop haptic applications, following the successful deployment of its haptic touch solution with a major global laptop manufacturer in 2022-3.

Founded in  2012 by Jockum Lönnberg, Pauli Laitinen, and Rene Vries, Aito’s patented technology provides precise finger sensing and haptic touch solutions, offering manufacturers of laptops and consumer electronics the opportunity to create more immersive and user-friendly touch experiences for their customers. By leveraging Aito’s innovative technology, manufacturers can enhance the user interface and deliver a higher level of interactivity in their products.

In a statement, Aito’s CEO, Nedko Ivanov said,  “This additional funding round will help us capitalize on the significant interest in haptics across the consumer electronics market. As the technology matures, it continues to be applied to a wider number of products, delivering new and engaging experiences and providing product differentiation for OEMs. Companies that deploy Aito’s haptic solutions can create slimmer designs and enhance the user experience with zero compromise in terms of product performance.”

Aito offers a unique and highly customizable solution that stands out as the thinnest haptic touchpad in the industry. Their technology provides precise feedback exactly where you press, allowing consumer electronics manufacturers to seamlessly integrate haptic touch into their elegant design solutions.

What makes Aito’s solution even more impressive is its ability to be fully customized to meet individual user preferences. This means that sensitivity and haptic feedback can be fine-tuned to deliver real-world sensations like virtual buttons with edge effects, volume controls using a slider, spring effects during scrolling, and much more. With Aito’s technology, manufacturers have the freedom to create tailored and immersive touch experiences for their customers.

“In the past 12 months we’ve seen a growing interest in deploying haptic technology – both as a high-end differentiator in the laptop market but also as an engaging solution for other consumer electronics such as keyboards,” continues Nedko. “This funding round will help us to capitalize on new opportunities and further extend our customer base.”

Additionally, Aito also said that it creates customized tactile feedback solutions for consumer electronics companies, specifically for laptops and other devices. Their finger sensing and haptic feedback technology is protected by patents and allow companies to tailor the touch experience according to their specific needs. Aito’s haptic solution is known for its slimness, providing a compact and seamless integration option for manufacturers. By utilizing Aito’s solutions, companies can develop innovative touch-based applications that enhance user experiences, offering a higher level of interaction and satisfaction.

Speaking about the funding, Rudi Severijns of KBC Focus Fund said: “Aito’s world-leading finger sensing and haptic touch technology provides the smartest and slimmest solution on the market. As the opportunities to deploy haptic technology expand, the company is perfectly placed to deploy its patented technology more widely in the consumer electronics market. This further investment demonstrates our belief in the market and reaffirms our commitment to Aito’s ongoing success.”