CRISPR’s Wild First Decade Only Scratches the Surface of Its Potential

Ten years ago, a little-known bacterial defense mechanism skyrocketed to fame as a powerful genome editor. In the decade since, CRISPR-Cas9 has spun off...

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Cellular Reprogramming Extends Lifespan in Mice, Longevity Startup Says

Billions of dollars are pouring into longevity startups as a growing body of research shows that aging might not be as inevitable as we...

In Bioethics, the Public Deserves More Than a Seat at the Table

Every time scientists present a groundbreaking biological innovation, it seems as though there is a crescendo of noise—articles beckoning for public discussion, social media...

Thanks to DALL-E, the Race to Make Artificial Protein Drugs Is On

Remember when predicting protein shapes using AI was the breakthrough of the year?That’s old news. Having solved nearly all protein structures known to biology,...

From Wild to Weird: The Top 5 Biotech Trends of 2022

It’s that time of year again! As 2022 comes to a close, I’ve been reflecting on the biotech and life science stories from the...

Human Enhancement Needs Ethical Oversight on a Global Scale, New Study Says

We all imagine better versions of ourselves. Smarter. More attractive. Physically nimble to rock the dance floor, conquer martial arts, or run that ultramarathon....

Understanding the Cell: The Elementary Building Block From Which Life Emerges

In his latest book, the oncologist and acclaimed writer Siddhartha Mukherjee focuses his narrative microscope on the cell, the elementary building block from which...

These Engineered Cells Are Super Soldiers That Hunt Down Cancers

A new cancer therapy is a match made in heaven.On one side is CRISPR, the gene-editing technology that’s taken genetic engineering by storm. The...

A New Sperm-Blocking Male Birth Control Method Is Being Put to the Test

Women have far more control over their bodies today than we did before the pill was invented. But reproduction is a two-player game, and women still carry a far greater burden than men when it comes to preventing unwanted pregnancy. A Virginia-based startup called Contraline is hoping to change this. The company developed a new […]

Verseon Acquires Edammo to Deepen Drug Discovery Approach

Published: Nov 12th, 2022 | By Mark Terry Verseon Corporation has acquired Edammo, an artificial intelligence-focused company, to deepen its own AI-based drug discovery platform,...

How Can Natural Herbs Help To Improve Your Productivity?

Productivity is vital whether you are studying, working, or running your own business. You'll meet your goals, feel successful, and have an excellent work-life...

This Algorithm Designs Proteins From Scratch to Accelerate Drug Discovery

protein binders
The proteins that control our lives are like rolling tumbleweeds. Each has a tangled, unique shape, with spiky side-branches dotting its surface. Hidden in the nooks and crannies are the locks to battle our most notorious foes—cancer, diabetes, infections, or even aging—if we can find the right key. We just got a universal key maker. […]

Vyripharm Enterprises, Inc. and Colorado State University Pueblo Announce Sponsored Research and Facilities Agreement

HOUSTON and PUEBLO, Colo. — Vyripharm Enterprises, Inc. and CSU Pueblo announced today a partnership to support the creation of a comprehensive testing and certification laboratory that will provide the […]

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