BlockDAG Surpasses BNB Chain with $26.9M Presale & Updated Dashboard

BlockDAG Surpasses BNB Chain with $26.9M Presale & Updated Dashboard




BNB Chain has launched the second chapter of its Airdrop Alliance, introducing new rewards and quests. In this dynamic crypto landscape, BlockDAG is emerging as the best crypto for payments, thanks to its revamped dashboard that enhances user experience.

With $26.9 million raised in presales, BlockDAG’s advanced features, such as the latest announcements, wallet monitoring, and leaderboard previews, set it apart. Currently priced at $0.0075, BlockDAG is poised for further growth, making it a standout opportunity.

BNB Chain Launches New Airdrop Alliance Phase

BNB Chain has launched the second chapter of its Airdrop Alliance, offering unique rewards and quests. This phase brings new opportunities from BNB Chain’s esteemed partners. As part of “BNB Chain Fusion,” the network is transitioning to migrate the BNB Beacon Chain’s functionalities to BNB Smart Chain (BSC), aiming to enhance efficiency and security.

To participate in the airdrop, users must stake at least 1 BNB on BSC or use the Stake Migration tool to migrate BNB tokens from the Beacon Chain to BSC. This effort aligns with BNB Chain’s vision for streamlined architecture and future growth.

BlockDAG Presale Surges to $26.9M

BlockDAG’s presale is making waves in 2024, rapidly crossing the $26.9 million mark. To keep up with the competition and maintain trust, BlockDAG has revamped its dashboard, offering enhanced features and accessibility. The latest announcements greet users immediately upon entering, and a notification tab ensures they stay informed. This streamlined experience makes BlockDAG the best crypto for payments.

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Users now have access to a dedicated wallet on the dashboard to monitor their purchases, balances, and miners. Adding to the excitement, BlockDAG introduced a leaderboard preview, displaying the top 30 holders with the highest purchases. This ranking system motivates users to aim for the top, with a minimum purchase of $50,000 needed to become a “crypto whale.”

The revamped dashboard also includes a last transaction preview, showing the status, stage, time, and amount spent on purchases. This feature ensures transparency and allows users to keep track of their spending. BlockDAG’s referral program is now more user-friendly, previewing referral earnings and purchases, further enhancing trust and engagement.

BlockDAG is excelling in presales and booming in the mining industry with top-notch mining rigs, including the X10. The X10 is a marvel of compact, efficient cryptocurrency mining, capable of mining up to 200 BDAG daily with its 100 MH/s hash rate. If you haven’t infused in BlockDAG yet, now is the time, with the current price of $0.0075 set to surge in upcoming batches. 

The Bottom Line

While BNB Chain launches its new Airdrop Alliance phase, BlockDAG stands out with its $26.9 million presale and updated dashboard. 

As the best crypto for payments, BlockDAG offers advanced features and a user-friendly experience, making it an attractive asset. With its current price at $0.0075, BlockDAG presents a compelling opportunity in the competitive crypto presale market.

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