Boommeister (Manfred Brandt)

Boommeister looks like Santa Claus’ evil twin. He’s got a big white beard, an eye patch, a freaking mohawk, and a massive cannon. In fact, maybe we should tell kids that he’ll show up to blow their gifts to pieces if they’re bad. That’d be funny.

But we’re not here to laugh at children. We’re here to learn all about the Boommeister. Since you need my expert advice on all things related to Lords Mobile, I’ll give you all the info you need on this tough old dude, including his lore, skills, and usefulness.

“The bigger your cannon, the smaller your problems!” –Manfred

Who Is Boommeister?

Who Is BoommeisterWho Is Boommeister

Boommeister actually has an interesting backstory. Or, at least, he has parts of an interesting backstory. The Lords Mobile team doesn’t really feel the need to flesh backstories out too much, but there’s some fun stuff here. His real name is Manfred Brandt, and the story goes that he was sent undercover on a pirate ship. Years later, all the pirates died, and so did Manfred’s undercover officers. So, with no pals and nowhere to go, he became a rogue warrior, roaming the land and blowing up bad guys.

Boommeister Score

Boommeister ScoreBoommeister Score

I like Boommeister. I love his design and many of his abilities. He can work in multiple roles, from monster hunting to rallying. He also has one of the more fun backstories in the game. That’s not saying much, since most backstories in Lords Mobile suck, but it’s still worth pointing out.

He has some drawbacks, like the fact that he’s super slow in battle. But he’s a pretty old dude, so that makes sense. It’s also not super easy to get hold of this guy. He’s an event hero, rather than a regular F2P or P2P hero, so you can only buy him and upgrade him via the Dragite Shop. And that’s only available during Dragon Arena events. It’s annoying.

So, when we take all of those pros and cons into account, I’m giving Boommeister a score of 7.5/10. He’s definitely an above-average hero, but he isn’t one of Lords Mobile’s truly elite heroes.


We’ve seen Boommeister’s backstory, but now let’s take a look at what he can actually do in-game. Like every other hero, he has a set of Battle Skills and Hero Skills. I’ll start off by looking at his Battle Skills, used when rallying and commanding armies.

Boommeister Battle SkillsBoommeister Battle Skills
  • Bombardment: Bombardment deals up to 200% squad ATK as DMG to any enemy troops in your path.
  • DEF Blessing: DEF Blessing offers up to 10% bonus army DEF. That might not seem like much, but here’s the kicker: DEF Blessing is a passive effect, so you don’t even need to deploy Boommeister to get the benefit.
  • HP Blessing: Like DEF Blessing, HP Blessing is a passive power, offering up to 10% more army HP.
  • ATK Blessing: ATK Blessing completes the “Blessing” trio, with 10% more ATK for your army.

Boommeister isn’t the only hero in the game to provide army boosts. But he’s one of the only heroes who has those boosts as passive effects. This is a big advantage, as you can keep Boommeister safe and sound in his commander’s tent, without needing to deploy him.

Now let’s take a look at his Hero Skills:

Boommeister Hero SkillsBoommeister Hero Skills
  • Cannon Burst: Cannon Burst is Boommeister’s Ultimate attack. It deals damage to any enemies in a large, long-range cone in front of the hero. It also knocks enemies back, so it’s a very powerful attack.
  • Boom Beam: Boom Beam also involves Boommeister’s cannon. With this attack, he shoots a big energy blade from the cannon and slashes forward, dealing damage to anything caught in the line of fire.
  • Join Arms: Join Arms is a support skill. It grants other heroes the “Combined Arms” effect, which increases Pierce, helping you deal with armored foes more easily.
  • Combat Specialist: Combat Specialist is a passive ability, boosting the damage dealt by all other heroes in the lineup.

Overall, this old man has a few neat tricks up his sleeve. Like I said, he’s a little slow on attacks, but when they finally arrive, they do big damage. Boom Beam can tear through enemies’ HP, and Combat Specialist is a handy skill to help the whole lineup become stronger.

If you’re some kind of nerd who wants to know everything else there is to know about Boommeister, here’s some more details:

  • Type: Ranged
  • Class: Agility
  • Species: Human
  • Sex: Male
  • Movement: Running

How to Unlock the Boommeister

This is where things get a little tricky. Like I said, Boommeister is technically an “event hero,” which means you can only access him during a specific event. In this case, the Dragon Arena event.

You’ll need to take part in the Dragon Arena, which has some pretty strict qualifying criteria. Once you’re in, you can access the Dragite Shop and buy Boommeister medals.

It takes 10 medals to access Boommeister at his most basic common level. You’ll need 330 medals to rank him all the way up to max.

Now, it is possible to earn Dragite and buy Boommeister medals without spending any money. However, Lords Mobile makes this very, very difficult to do.

Even for an expert player like me, it would take a long time; you guys would probably be approaching retirement before you earned enough Dragite.

That’s why, even though we can “technically” call Boommeister a F2P hero, the most common and convenient way to get him is to pay up.

Boommeister and the Colosseum

Boommeister is a viable option for the Colosseum. He’s not the best option, and he’s not part of any of the best lineups I’m aware of. But he’s still usable, thanks to his diverse range of abilities.

He deals great area-of-effect (AoE) damage and improves the offensive output of other members of the team. The “Combined Arms” ability is also useful when you need that Pierce boost, and since he’s an agility hero, he won’t just rush into battle and get himself killed like some of the strength heroes.

Boommeister in battleBoommeister in battle

The only downside is his speed. It takes time to load that massive cannon. So a faster opponent could do a lot of damage to your party while old Manfred is still getting ready to fire. Someone really needs to get this grandpa an energy drink.

Rallying with Boommeister

Boommeister is the ultimate “armchair general.” He can sit back and provide nice passive bonuses for your entire army. The bonuses themselves aren’t huge, but the fact that they’re passive makes such a big difference. He can fill one of your commander slots and is a great go-to choice for rallying.

Monster Hunting with Boommeister

Boommeister also works well for monster hunting, in the right situations. Obviously, unless you’re a complete idiot, you won’t want to bring this guy into a fight against a beast with high physical defense.

But, against monsters that struggle against physical attacks, big Boommeister is a super guy to have around. He can deal huge damage from afar, all while powering up your other heroes passively. Try him out alongside other agility heroes like Black Crow and Demon Slayer for best results.

Boommeister shows up from time to time in monster hunting lists against monsters with lower PDEF.

Tips and Trivia

  • Boommeister joined Lords Mobile on December 12, 2019.
  • F2P Alternatives: Demon Slayer is a decent alternative to Boommeister, especially for the Colosseum and monster hunting. There aren’t any free heroes who can rival his passive army boosts, but Bombin’ Goblin is useful if you want more army ATK.
  • P2P Alternatives: Berserker is a decent P2P alternative to Boommeister for rallying and big kingdom battles since she can raise army ATK, DEF, and HP more, but she needs to be deployed. Dream Witch is another nice alternative for both battles and monster hunting.

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