Breaking Down the Addictions: Comparing the Addictive Qualities of CBD and Tobacco – Medical Marijuana Program Connection

Smoking remains one of the top global health concerns in developed and developing countries. The problem with tobacco smoking is that this habit is highly addictive, with regular users getting quickly hooked on the impact of nicotine on their brains and nervous systems. That’s why over 22% of the global population are tobacco addicts (as of 2020 data), which gives us the scary figure of 1.3+ billion smokers. 

The problem of tobacco use is pretty complicated, as tobacco is legally sold worldwide, with all adults having unconstrained access to cigarettes, pipes, and a more recent advancement – vaping pens with nicotine-containing e-liquid. Thus, people get exposed to the versatile health risks of tobacco smoking every day, with a realm of toxic chemicals entering their bloodstream, hearts, and multiple organs every time they light up a cigarette and make the first puff. 

Quitting smoking is challenging, mainly due to nicotine’s addictive properties, but CBD offers a novel solution to this issue. Read on to find out how CBD can help you resolve the tobacco dilemma and overcome the initial cravings for tobacco in the process of smoking cessation.

How CBD Affects Tobacco Cravings 

The algorithm of tobacco addiction is simple: smokers use cigarettes throughout the day to support the levels of nicotine, an addictive agent, in their bloodstream, as it diminishes in the bloodstream as a result of body enzymes’ work. Thus, the nicotine craving can be…

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