British Airways opens a call center in India

British Airways has officially opened ‘CallBA’, its new call centre located in Gurugram, near Delhi, offering an enhanced customer experience to travellers across the globe.

The airline’s Chairman and CEO, Sean Doyle, unveiled the new office space yesterday, where 1,400 highly trained colleagues offer round-the-clock support to thousands of customers from the US and Europe, through to Asia Pacific.

CallBA has doubled in size since 2019, and the new facility comfortably accommodates the full team, with colleagues now using a cloud-based telephone system with call-flow management and access to insightful data to further personalise the customer experience.

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British Airways opens new call centre, for 1400 colleagues, based in Gurugram, near Delhi

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British Airways opens new call centre, for 1400 colleagues, based in Gurugram, near Delhi

The number of British Airways flights from Indiato London now exceeds pre-pandemic levels, with the airline operating 56 flights a week, to five Indian gateways: Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad.

British Airways is also proud to partner with IndusInd Bank and joint business partner, Qatar Airways, with the launch of a new multi-branded airline credit card. From July, card holders will be able to collect Avios and elevate their travel experience, with benefits ranging from fast-track to meet-and-greet and concierge services.

Indian customers travelling between Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore can enjoy the airline’s newly designed Club Suite (business class) cabin, with direct-aisle access, a suite door for greater privacy and luxurious flat-bed seats in a 1-2-1 configuration. Flyers will also soon start to see the new British Airways uniform, as cabin crew, pilots and check-in agents switch over to the airline’s first new uniform in 20 years.

Features of the newly launched CallBA 

  • British Airways has a long history of connecting the UK and India, and first flew to New Delhi in 1924. British Airways opened its first call centre in India in 2006.
  • The CallBA team also responds to customers using Live Chat through BA.com, this accounts for approximately 10% of customer contact and is growing.
  • CallBA’s new location is a LEED Gold and GRIHA 4 certified building and has been evaluated as a ‘green building’ from its construction stage to operations.
  • It boasts of an energy efficient double-glazed façade and beautiful green and open spaces throughout the building with ample natural light. There are over 10,000 plants all around the building, including in the car parks and offering staff green and natural surroundings and beautiful collaborative spaces.

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