California’s Yurok Tribe acquires Textron Aviation Special Missions Grand Caravan EX for aerial survey and mapping missions

Textron Aviation has delivered a Cessna Grand Caravan EX aircraft to the Yurok Tribe’s Condor Aviation, enabling the tribe to conduct aerial survey and mapping missions.

The acquisition of the special missions aircraft will enhance the tribe’s capacity to undertake environmental restoration projects, assess natural resource management decisions, and measure the impact of climate change.

The Yurok Tribe plans to utilise advanced Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) systems and high-quality aerial imaging equipment to create precise three-dimensional maps of various habitats, including terrestrial and aquatic environments. The aircraft will aid in rebuilding ecosystems, rehabilitating fire-damaged forests, and improving resilience to climate change in Northern California.

The Grand Caravan EX joins an existing Cessna Turbo Skylane in service with Condor Aviation, which also offers mapping and imaging services to clients across California and Alaska. The versatile Cessna Caravan platform has a strong track record in various mission roles, such as flight training, cargo transport, VIP travel, and humanitarian operations.