Cardano Foundation Exec: ‘Ultimate Blockchain’ Does Not Exist

The ongoing debate about the ‘ultimate blockchain’ should cease, according to Mel McCann, Vice President of Engineering at the Cardano Foundation. McCann believes that the appropriateness of a blockchain depends on the specific use cases of individual projects.

Speaking at the World Token Summit in Dubai, McCann shared his insights with Cointelegraph reporter Ezra Reguerra on a range of topics, including enterprise adoption and the need to move beyond the argument of which blockchain is superior.

According to the Cointelegraph article, McCann highlighted the potential benefits of blockchain technology in tracking the history of virtually anything, from proof of origin to provenance. He emphasized that there are numerous ways for companies to utilize blockchain for various purposes.

However, McCann clarified that this doesn’t imply that enterprises must completely overhaul their business models. He expressed interest in identifying areas that could help enterprises enhance their existing operations.

McCann stated:


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We’re not looking to change people’s business models. What we’re looking to do is: How can they better improve their business models by leveraging Web3 capabilities?

According to McCann, education plays a crucial role in introducing enterprises to Cardano and Web3. He noted that the Cardano Foundation spends a significant amount of time on direct education with enterprises in addition to the mass education platform they’re developing.

When asked to compare the pros and cons of various blockchain platforms, McCann emphasized that each has different use cases. He dismissed the notion of an ‘ultimate blockchain,’ arguing that the specific needs of a business should determine the choice of blockchain.

McCann concluded:

I’m never going to turn around and say, yeah, it’s a one-stop shop. It’s not the way it works.

Featured Image Credit: Photo / illustration by “xresch” via Pixabay

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