DeSantis Goes Anti-Pot Legalization – Who Controls His Wallet and His Vote?

desantis says no to weed legalization

Who owns the President’s Wallet? Why DeSantis is another cog in the system…

This 2024, Americans will be clenching their anuses as they decide which master will be dictating their collective shitfuckery for the next 4 years.

The obvious two current front-runners are Joe Biden and Donald Trump – both options I have covered extensively as mere puppets to the true masters, or as Carlin would call them, “The owners in their special club” (and you ain’t in it!)

Today I’m not talking about Old man Dementia and Pussy L’Grabs, I’m talking the young buck Ronny DeSantis who – during the pandemic – seemed to be one of the few politicians that went against the grain.

Not only is he much younger than the relics that run against him, he also has a very strong ability to debate, make a point, and overall impose that “he is ready!”

Some people hate him – Donald Trump is one of those people, who have been working on trying to discredit him from being the Republican nominee. However, as an anarchist in my heart of hearts – I hate all politicians equally.

My only real interest in the political arena is looking at which president or political leader will give people more freedom, to undo the policy snares upheld by “elected representatives” for decades. I don’t care if they are “conservative” or “liberal”, all they need to show me is;

  1. Not owned by anyone (zero candidates)

  2. Advocates more freedom, not less

Obviously, with a name like Reginald Reefer – we need to look at where each candidate stands on weed. We know Biden says good things, but continues to play the old game of bureaucratic shuffle-cups, where the responsibility moves from one department to another, to another – and only when an important speech or vote comes up, they enact a policy change that affects zero people but seems like a grand gesture.

Trump was mostly “hands off” on a State’s level – however, federally his, “I want to cut budgets”, undid protections for the legal cannabis market. This put back the legalization of cannabis for years, because now bureaucrats will have to “vote on voting about a vote to vote on cannabis reform.”

Now when asked, Marijuana Moment reports that when DeSantis was asked about cannabis decriminalization on a federal level, he said he probably wouldn’t and continued to echo the same drug war excuses;

 “I think that we have we have too many people using drugs in this country right now. I think it hurts our workforce readiness. I think it hurts people’s ability to prosper in life,” he said, adding that people he knew in high school who used marijuana “suffered.”

“All their activities, all their grades and everything like that—so particularly for the youth, I just think we have to be united,” the candidate said. He also plugged a Florida program overseen by his wife that involves sending athletes to schools to warn students about “the stakes of using some of these drugs nowadays, and this is not something you want to mess around with.”

Oh no, “Overseen by his wife” is eerily reminiscent of Nancy Raegan’s bullshit D.A.R.E program. But as you can see, “we have too many people using drugs in the country right now…”

Does that mean when fewer younger people are using drugs, he’d be open to it? No, of course not! It means, that there is some magical threshold of users that equates “too much” however, alcohol is not even considered as a “drug” within the rhetoric of DeSantis. We won’t legalize cannabis – which the youth can get irrespective of whether it’s legal or not – and rather, continue to utilize a system that literally turns people into slaves for “breaking the law”.

He “believes” it hurts workforce readiness and people’s ability to prosper…well, that is irrelevant. People’s right to choose what they can and cannot put into their own bodies is a sacred right of liberty – the same rights that the United States bled for in several wars to preserve.

But then you have politicians like DeSantis that pisses on those rights under the guise of “protecting others”.

Well first of all, it’s not the responsibility of the government to decide what a free human can eat or drink. That, if the human is actually free – is a responsibility that should solely lie within the decision making of the individual.

“So particularly for the youth…I’m keeping it illegal!” Well, it’s not legal for the youth…just like alcohol isn’t legal for the youth. Alcohol is legal, but the legality of it isn’t saying, “Hey kids, drink this!” it’s saying, “This is an adult beverage not meant for children!”

The fact that some kids drink alcohol does not justify making it illegal for the millions of adults that do drink alcohol. Similarly, because “some kids” could smoke weed – does not mean that we must make it illegal for everyone.

Some people can’t drive worth shit – does that mean we make cars illegal for everyone? Some people murder people using guns – do we ban all guns?

This argument is as old as prohibition itself, and it’s a weak argument.

My guess is that DeSantis has donors who make money or maintain some sort of power by sustaining cannabis prohibition. If you have been paying attention to the “BlackRock” hashtag that was circulating on Twitter the other day, you’ll realize that “Those who control the wallet of the president, controls the president…”

According to OpenSecrets, 76% of his funding comes from PAC Contributions and Large Individual Contributions. Now I’m not going to go down the list of all his donors at this moment to figure out who stands to gain the most – but I’ll leave it out in the open for you.

If you thought DeSantis was going to be your salvation – take a moment, reflect…maybe “nobody” is the best leader for you!




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