Dodge Challenger Loses to Mustang In Final Year On Sale

The new year signals the end of an era. Dodge and Chevrolet ceased Challenger and Camaro production at the end of 2023, concluding the modern muscle car era. For about 15 years, the pair gave the Ford Mustang serious competition, producing some truly great sports cars. But the industry is changing, and last year’s sales results show these cars still aren’t huge sellers.

The Mustang ended 2023 strong, with sales up 21.2 percent in the last quarter of the year compared to 2022, rising from 10,968 units to 13,290. The Camaro also saw a sales surge over the last three months of the year, up 15.8 percent to 6,340 units. The Challenger saw sales fall in October, November, and December, tumbling 26 percent from 12,996 units in 2022 to 9,610.

Model Q4 2023 Q4 2022 Q4 % Change YTD 2023 YTD 2022 YTD % Change
Chevrolet Camaro 6,340 5,475 15.8% 31,028 24,652 25.9%
Dodge Challenger 9,610 12,966 -26% 44,960 55,060 -18%
Ford Mustang 13,290 10,968 21.2% 48,605 47,566 2.2%

The Challenger was also the only one that saw its sales fall for the entire year. Dodge sold 44,960 coupes in 2023, down from 55,060 in 2022 when it outsold the Mustang. The Dodge also took the sales crown in 2021, and it lost this year by less than 4,000 cars. Ford sold 48,605 Mustangs over the last 12 months.

While Camaro sales ended the year up 25.9 percent, it still trailed its competitors overall. Chevy sold just 31,028 Camaros in the car’s final production year. It even got outsold by the Mustang Mach-E; the Blue Oval sold nearly 41,000 examples of its pony-fied electric crossover.

The last Challenger rolled off the assembly line on Friday, December 22. It was a Pitch Black SRT Demon 170. In mid-December, Chevrolet produced the final Camaro, a ZL1 1LE with a manual. The Ford might now stand alone, but Chevy has already teased that the Camaro name will return one day in some capacity and Dodge is already showcasing a next-generation Charger, which we hope leads to a new Challenger.

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