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Feature image for our Elemental Dungeons Sus Vampire guide. It shows an in-game screen of the vampire NPC surrounded by treasure.

Who’s that well-dressed fellow with the sharp teeth in Elemental Dungeons? We’re here to fill you in on it. Our Elemental Dungeons Sus Vampire guide goes over all you need to know about him and his rather questionable element trading business.

Elemental Dungeons does what it says on the tin. You battle your way through a variety of challenging dungeons, utilizing the power of the elements to vanquish your foes. If you like playing with your friends, you can recruit them to join you.

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Elemental Dungeons Sus Vampire Guide

Here we’ll try and answer any burning questions you might have about this NPC.

Sus Vampire Location

You can find the Sus Vampire in the hub area, but heading up towards the ominous-looking castle on a cliff that looms over the starting area. It’s easy enough to hop up there, though there’s also a path that’ll take you to the castle. Once you’re up there, head round to the front and you’ll see the appropriately named Sus Vampire with his piles of treasure.

About Sus Vampire

What does this vampire do? I’m glad you asked! The Sus Vampire’s services are only available after you’ve reached Level 40.

Once you’re over the level requirement, you can pay him 33000 Gold for a random element. Why’s this worth it? Well, you might get any playable element, whether or not it’s available for summon at the time, so there’s a small chance of nabbing some exclusive power.

Of course, the element you get it random, so it’s possible that you’ll end up with something useless to you. It all depends on whether you can afford to lose the gold.

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