Escape From Tarkov: How To Extract Guide


In Escape From Tarkov, the goal is to extract from a raid. This can be challenging as players must locate and reach designated extraction points, which are not always obvious.

To extract, players must head to a designated extraction point and stand there for a short period of time, usually around five seconds. Finding these extract points can be tricky as players are given little information other than a name.

In order to find and reach extraction points, players must not only learn what each extract looks like and where it is located but also become familiar with the general layout of the map.

Some extracts have specific conditions that must be met, such as vehicle extracts requiring a certain amount of Roubles and armoured trains only arriving and leaving at specific times.

Not all extracts are open at all times and some are single-use, so players must be quick to reach them. Additionally, the game often doesn’t inform players when an extract becomes available, requiring players to use environmental clues or check the extract directly.

To extract in Escape From Tarkov, players must go to a designated extraction point and stay there for a short period of time, typically around five seconds.

Finding these extraction points can be difficult as players are given limited information, and must search a large map for the specific location.

To successfully extract, players must familiarize themselves with the map and learn the location and appearance of each extraction point.

Certain extracts have specific requirements that must be met, such as paying a certain amount of roubles for vehicle extracts or arriving at an armored train at a specific time.

Not all extraction points are available at all times and some can only be used once, requiring players to act quickly. The game may not provide information on when an extraction point becomes available, so players may need to use environmental clues or check the extract point directly.

How To Tell What Your Extracts Are

To discover your extraction points in Escape From Tarkov, press the ‘O’ key twice to reveal both the remaining time in the raid and the available extraction points.

Typically, extraction points are located on the opposite side of the map from where the player spawned, but some can be found at the mid-point or are always available.

This information can be used to develop map knowledge and understand the direction needed to reach specific locations.

How To Know When You Are at an Extract

Once at an extraction point, a notification will appear in the top-right corner of the screen, indicating the location and the wait time until extraction.

To identify extract points, players can look for specific consistencies in the map. For example, locations with ‘ZB’ in the name are typically bunkers, identifiable by their bunker-like exterior or a green flare indicating a stairway underground.

Checkpoints are often located at the end of long roads in the corners of maps. Most other extraction points will resemble their descriptions.

With this information, players should be able to extract safely and efficiently in Escape From Tarkov. New players can also refer to tips to avoid common mistakes.


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