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Ireland provides a fruitful environment for startup growth, featuring advantageous tax policies, access to funding, and a highly educated workforce. With Dublin as the focal point of the country’s startup scene, the city attracts both local and global entrepreneurs, hosting nearly 60% of the sector’s companies.

The Irish government actively supports startups through strategic investments, launching initiatives to foster innovation and entrepreneurship. Organizations such as Enterprise Ireland and the NDRC play pivotal roles by offering comprehensive assistance, including grants, equity investments, mentorship, and accelerator programs.

Additionally, some of the major multinational corporations like Google, Meta, Airbnb, Microsoft, Apple, and Amazon have set up operations in Ireland, contributing to the expansion of the startup ecosystem.

In this article, we’ve delved deep into the thriving Irish startup ecosystem, selecting 10 of the most promising startups, all founded post-2020, that everyone should keep an eye on in 2024 and beyond.

biologitBiologit: Dublin-based Biologit MLM-AI is a web-based scientific literature monitoring platform powered by AI, simplifying safety surveillance. It offers validated and compliant solutions for teams of all sizes, enhancing productivity in pharmacovigilance and safety screening for various products. Founded in 2021 the company has raised €3 million for expansion of their operations.

IMPTIMPT.io: Founded in 2022, IMPT is a carbon credit loyalty program built on blockchain addressing CO2 issues. IMPT connects people with verified environmental projects that each address a ton of CO2 emissions. This Dublin-based startup has successfully secured €13 million to support environmental projects around the world.

KotaKota: Dublin-based, Kota is dedicated to broadening access to conventional financial and insurance products for a modern generation of employers and employees. Founded in 2022, they operate in over 30 countries and have established integrations with leading health insurance and life insurance providers, including Irish Life, Allianz, and Smart Pension. They have raised €7.6 million in total. 

LativeLative: Dublin-based Lative is a leading platform designed for high-performance B2B revenue and finance teams aiming to automate analysis and planning for increased sales growth and improved revenue efficiency. Founded in 2022, they raised €2.7 million, offering real-time integration of CRM, Finance, and HR systems, providing actionable insights and AI-powered capacity planning.

ModeliksModeliks: Dublin-based Modeliks provides SMEs and startups access to a no-code business and financial planning solution to help customers in their planning and fundraising journeys. Founded in 2022, Modeliks has secured €1 million in funding to expand its global presence by directly accessing and further developing its SaaS software.

OOHPodOOHPod: Founded in 2022, OOHPod offers secure and automated storage lockers designed for the delivery and retrieval of packages. This Dublin-based startup serves as a modern solution to traditional delivery methods, especially in urban areas where the demand for package deliveries is high. In its latest funding round, it secured €5.4 million, bringing its total funding to €8.5 million.

Positive-CarbonPositive Carbon: Founded in 2022, Dublin-based Positive Carbon supplies commercial kitchens with technology designed to closely monitor and reduce food waste. The company incorporates overhead kitchen sensors to analyze and document waste. To date, Positive Carbon has secured a total of €3 million in funding to help lower the carbon footprint of commercial kitchens.

RecruitrooRecruitroo: Dublin-based Recruitroo utilises software to simplify global recruitment for both employers and candidates. The platform facilitates the sourcing of international talent for Irish and UK companies across various industries. Founded in 2022, the company has received €1 million in investment to transform the international hiring landscape.

Song-SleuthSong Sleuth: Dublin-based Song Sleuth utilises AI and machine learning to help rights owners identify undiscovered royalties by scanning major social platforms for unlicensed content, including live music recordings. Potential opportunities are reviewed by human moderators before being submitted for monetization claims on behalf of the rights holders. Founded in 2021 they have secured €2.3 million.

W4-GamesW4 Games: Dublin-based W4 Games, develops middleware software to enable seamless game portability across various video gaming consoles. Founded in 2021 they have raised €21.8 million offering a standardized framework for efficient porting, addressing challenges associated with open-source engines by providing ready-to-use export templates for Godot Engine users.

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