Flower Maiden (Rolanda)

The newest hero in Lords Mobile is Flower Maiden. In January 2024, she came out with a really cool kit.

This girl is a Strength hero who can be used in different game types and does magic damage to enemies. Based on her Battle Skills, which are pretty much the same, she looks like some older heroes in the game, like Tarkus. It’s nothing new for IGG to try to sell new heroes on old glory. But her Hero Skills are a little more interesting. Her kit is pretty well matched, and she’s a good hero.

Find out more about Flower Maiden and what she can do by reading on.

Who is Flower Maiden?

Rolanda is from a tribe that lived on the Bountiful Plains a long time ago. She was blessed by the gods and given the power to control the plants and trees around her. She was able to make grapevines flower with lovely flowers and tell them to lower their branches so she could pick the tastiest fruits.

Rolanda was very important to the older people in her group, who wanted to train her to be the next chieftain. Rolanda, however, was naughty as a child and often skipped school.

She would sometimes even put her vines around the adults’ rooms to keep them from going to teach her. Every time they were upset, she would give them a sweet smile and flowers, which made their hearts feel better. It would just make them sigh and say, “Promise me you won’t do that again.”

On the other hand, Rolanda pulled the same trick again the day before her coming-of-age celebration. In secret, she left the town to play on a swing made of low vines. The sun had gone down before she knew it. When she got back home, her whole group seemed to be gone, and there was a faint, sickening smell in the air. Rolanda fell to the ground in shock and was hopeless for three days and nights.

On the morning of the fourth day, Rolanda finally got up, grabbed the books she had been ignoring, and left. Behind her, thick plants grew and covered the place where her tribe had lived. “One day I’ll bring everyone back.” I swear.” After many years, that sweet girl became a calm young woman who never forgot her promise to find her family.

Flower Maiden Score

Flower Maiden ScoreFlower Maiden Score

It’s hard for me to be mean to Flower Maiden because IGG seems to have thought of everything when making her. Beyond the story, which is pretty good, I also really like how she looks. The art on Flower Maiden  is really great.

While most female heroes are a bit… wild, the Flower Maiden is… plain.

In terms of her Battle and Hero Skills, Flower Maiden is a good hero who has a mix of useful and really strong ones. She can be used in Colosseum and Monster Hunting, but she’s not great at them.

In general, I’d give Flower Maiden a 7/10, but I had to take away some points for Battle Skills.


It’s time to break down this lady’s gear and learn more about her skills and how they can be used on her gold.

Battle Skills:

Flower Maiden Battle SkillsFlower Maiden Battle Skills
  • Floral Tempest: Deals 200% Squad ATK as DMG to enemy Troops.
  • DEF Blessing: Army DEF +10%.
  • HP Blessing: Army Max HP +10%.
  • ATK Blessing: Army ATK +10%.

Hero Skills:

Flower Maiden Hero SkillsFlower Maiden Hero Skills
  • Burgeoning Blossoms: Calls up huge flowering plants that snake forward and hit enemies in its path three times as hard from a distance. Gives the user Vine Shield for 4s.
  • Sinuous Trap: Tells flowering vines to attack the target that is the farthest away. The target takes damage and is stuck in place for 3s.
  • Keeper of Flowers: Heals yourself with magic and gives you Vine Shield for up to 4s.
  • Prosperous Blooms: The Flower Maiden is full of life because she controls plants and animals.

Her kit is pretty great, except for Burgeoning Blossoms, which doesn’t do as much damage as it should. Together, her ultimate and passive do a lot of damage. In modes like Colosseum, you should also use the Sinuous Trap skill quite a bit.

Flower Maiden is one of the best heroes I’ve seen because she is useful, helps the team, and can keep herself from dying. She can change the game if you put her in the right place.

Additional Flower Maiden Info:

  • Type: Infantry
  • Class: Strength
  • Species: Human
  • Sex: Female
  • Movement: Running

How to Unlock Flower Maiden?

How To unlockHow To unlock

The Guild Expedition shop is where you can get Flower Maiden badges. The Flower Maiden can be hired after getting 10 awards. To get to the Legendary level, you need 330 medals in total.

Flower Maiden and The Colosseum

For those who read slowly, I already said that Flower Maiden should be played at the Colosseum. In this mode, her Hero Skills are great. As long as she does it at the start of the fight, Sinuous Trap can stun an enemy for three seconds. This is a big ability. To give you an idea, you could defeat Demon Slayer and save your backline. The stun can be used a lot, which is another good thing. If she is weak in damage, she makes up for it in CC.

Rallying with Flower Maiden

This hero’s Battle Skills aren’t very useful for fights. Since she doesn’t have any “When Deployed” spells, you don’t have to send her into fight with your army to get her benefits. Keep her in your kingdom with gear boost. It’s also not worth it to use Ilya as leader because she only gives your troops 10% ATK, DEF, and HP.

Monster Hunting With Flower Maiden

Another good mode for Rolanda is Monster Hunting. With her passive, your team will deal more CC, which can be used against heroes whose MDEF is already low. There are, however, other heroes who are better at what they do, and by that time, most people would have a few good P2P characters to their name.

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