“Gen P” students remain unsure about college

Key points:

  • The pandemic has impacted college-going students’ views on higher education
  • Cost and mental health concerns are other factors influencing students’ decisions
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A growing number of high school students point to concerns over affordability as well as academic and mental health preparedness as primary reasons behind their decision not to enroll in college, according to a new report from education company EAB.

The report summarizes the results of a new survey of more than 20,000 “Gen P” high school students–those whose college-going behaviors have been influenced by the pandemic.

“It’s no secret that the pandemic has taken a toll on student mental health and academic preparedness,” said EAB President, Enroll360, Hope Krutz. “This new data shows us that it is having a profound impact on whether high school graduates decide to attend college at all.”

According to the National Student Clearinghouse, total undergraduate enrollment is down by more than 1 million students compared to pre-pandemic levels. The recent slide exacerbates a national trend of declining college enrollment over the past decade.

Laura Ascione is the Editorial Director at eSchool Media. She is a graduate of the University of Maryland’s prestigious Philip Merrill College of Journalism.

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