Good Fantasy Baseball Team Names

Each year there is a struggle to not just field the best team in fantasy baseball, but also have the best team name. Here are good fantasy baseball team names. Most are based on player names. (Note: Some of these names will not be appropriate for everyone. More will be added before the season starts)

Grand Theft Votto (Grand Theft Auto/Joey Votto)- Joey Votto isn’t the same player he once was, but he still has one of the best fantasy baseball team name opportunities.

Acuna Matata (Lion King/Ronald Acuna Jr.)- Fans of the Lion King and a young star of the game, this is the team name to go with.

Duvall Stars (Adam Duvall)- Duvall is a player with a lot of different team names to play off of.

Eovaldi the Rite of Spring (Antonio Vivaldi/Nathan Eovaldi)- If there are any fans of classic music, this team name can be used.

Yu Like That? (Yu Darvish)- With a player name like Yu Darvish, there are so many fantasy team names available.

Beliebers (Justin Bieber/Shane Bieber)- Shane Bieber has already played into the fact that he has the same name as Justin Bieber.

Cookie’s Monsters (Sesame Street/Carlos Carrasco)- Carlos Carrasco‘s nickname is cookie, which opens up some possibilities.

Hedges my Betts (Austin Hedges/Mookie Betts)- This one is self-explanatory.

Sonny Side Up (Sonny Gray)- Sonny Gray is pitching about as well as he has in his whole career.

Farmers Only (Kyle Farmer)- Kyle Farmer isn’t the most known player in the world, but does have a good last name.

The Punishers (The Punisher/Aristides Aquino)- Aquino got the nickname the Punisher for how hard he hits the ball.

Miggy Miggy Miggy, Can’t You See? (Notorious B.I.G./Miguel Cabrera)- Notorious B.I.G. and Miguel Cabrera are both legends in their fields.

Yordan Right (Yordan Alvarez)- With a name like Yordan, this name is too easy.

Lucius Fox Management (Lucius Fox/Batman)- Lucius Fox is a player on the Royals and Lucious Fox is Batman’s equipment manager.

Soler Power (Jorge Soler)- Need some power in the lineup? Turn to Soler.

Upton Here, Upton Here (Justin Upton/B.J. Upton/DMX)- Everyone has seen the memes of Justin and B.J. Upton being used as lyrics to the famous DMX song.

Walker Texas Rangers (Walker Buehler)- Anyone with the first name Walker has to be thinking of the throwback television show Walker Texas Ranger.

May Day (Dustin May/Trevor May)- A team that has both May players needs to make a pun off of their names.

The Price is Right (David Price/Price is Right)- This is a classic name based on a classic game show.

Barnes and Noble (Austin Barnes/Barnes and Nobles)- Bookstores are going out of business, but Austin Barnes isn’t.

Lux be a Lady Tonight (Frank Sinatra/Gavin Lux)- Any chance Frank Sinatra can be used, he should.

Bet it All on Black (Ray Black)- Gambling and baseball don’t traditionally go together, but they are getting closer.

This one is for my Haders (Josh Hader)- Josh Hader is a great reliever and to be honest, has a lot of haters.

It’s All About La Familia (Jeurys Familia)- Any number of family team names are possible with Jeurys Familia.

Welcome to the Stro Show (Marcus Stroman)- The fans of Marcus Stroman will know that his nickname is the Stro Show.

Thor: The God of Thunder (Noah Syndergaard)- The Mets have a few pitchers with great nicknames to use.

Pete’s Polar Bears (Pete Alonso)- Pete Alonso has one of the best nicknames in the business.

Finding Nimmo (Finding Nemo/Brandon Nimmo)- Finding Nemo is still a movie that holds up.

Cuban Missile Crisis (Aroldis Chapman)- Aroldis Chapman‘s nickname is the “Cuban Missile”, making this a solid team name.

You’re Getting Cole for Christmas (Gerrit Cole)- Gerrit Cole has probably heard this one thousands of times.

Judge, Jury and Executioner (Aaron Judge)- The Judge nicknames are all good and should be used for fantasy team names.

Wheelin’ and Dealin’ (Zack Wheeler)- Wheeler needs to be dealing at his best for the Phillies this year.

For Whom the Bell Tolls (Metallica/Josh Bell)- Yes, For Whom the Bell Tolls reaches way back, but Metallica’s song is the most recent version to relate to.

All that Yaz (Mike Yastrzemski)- Just like his grandfather Carl Yastrzemski, Yaz is a great nickname.

Ponce De Leon’s Fountain of Youth (Daniel Ponce De Leon)- Ponce De Leon found the “fountain of youth”, and Daniel Ponce De Leon pitches for the Cardinals. Who knows what the bigger accomplishment is?

Webb Gems (Tyler Webb)- Anyone who used to watch Baseball Tonight will remember the Web Gems segment.

Darth Bader (Star Wars/Harrison Bader)- The name Bader is way too close to Darth Vader to not use it.

Hey! Arozarena (Macarena/ Randy Arozarena)- Randy Arozarena is a star and Jeff Passan even sang a little song about him.

Snell Ya Later (Blake Snell)- Whether it is Benny Snell, Tony Snell or Blake Snell in whatever sport, Snell is a very usable team name.

What’s That Odor? (Rougned Odor)- Odor has a tragic name, but it must be used in fantasy baseball team names.

Hold That Odor! (Rougned Odor/Game of Thrones)- Say “hold the door or hodoor” to a Game of Thrones fans and they will immediately know what is being referenced.

Let’s Get Rowdy (Rowdy Tellez)- Rowdy Tellez has one of the coolest names in all of sports.

Cruz Missile (Oneil Cruz/Elly De La Cruz/Hustle)- In Hustle, Adam Sandler’s character gives Bo Cruz, an aspiring NBA player, the nickname of Cruz Missile. That fits perfectly with the Pirates’ young star Oneil Cruz.

What’s the Rutschman? (Adley Rutschman)- Rutschman is struggling to get things started, but he is a good prospect who will find his way.

Farmer’s Only (Kyle Farmer)- Farmer is not on too many fantasy teams, but he has a last name that can be used for a team name if he is on the roster.

Milman’s Cows (Colton Cowser)- Cowser’s nickname is the Milman.

The Candymen (Jeimer Candelario)- The Candy Man needs his bat to heat up this season.

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