Is MrBeast the new ‘Twitter Super Official CEO?’


Social media is abuzz this evening after popular YouTuber, better known as MrBeast, changes his Twitter bio to “Twitter Super Official CEO” on Monday. The change sparks speculation on the future of the social platform, causing many to ask if MrBeast (whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson) is going to be the next Twitter CEO.

The 24-year-old MrBeast currently has more than 129 million subscribers on YouTube and another 17.8 million on Twitter but had not yet commented on the change in his Twitter bio. As of writing, “Twitter CEO” is currently the second most trending after Ethereum with over 100,000 hashtags.

The speculation came after an exchange between Elon Musk and MrBeast in which Musk said the YouTuber leading the company isn’t out of the question. A Twitter user once asked Musk to put the rumor to rest but he’s not responded as of the time of writing.

“Is Mr Beast really the Twitter Super Official CEO? ” Teslaconomics asked.

He added, “@elonmusk Put someone that really knows and is killing it in the content game at the helm of Twitter. I would embrace this move as a long term investor & user in Twitter.”

On December 19, 2022, Twitter users have voted for Elon Musk to step down from the helm of affairs of the company. The result of the poll came a day after Musk asked users if he should step down as the head of the company. The result came in 24 hours later and the poll shows that the majority wanted him to step down as Twitter chief.

About 57.5% of the 17,502,391 votes were in favor of Musk stepping down as the head of Twitter, while 42.5% were against the idea. Over 17.5 million people participated in the poll. Musk added that he would abide by the results of the poll, but did not elaborate on when he would step down.

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