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More than a year after its removal from the previous Axie Infinity main gameplay Classic, the utility token Smooth Love Potion (SLP) appears to be returning to v2. The token is one of the key factors that propelled the blockchain game’s popularity in 2021, as players began to convert the asset into fiat or real-world currency.

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SLP in Axie Infinity Classic

One of the Senior Growth Managers of Sky Mavis, the developer of Axie Infinity, teased the return of the in an X post. The post announced the upcoming release of the Classic Premium Coliseum by the second week of January, “if everything goes well.”

The Classic Premium Coliseum, introduced in November, is the premium version of the Cursed Coliseum. This mode adds a curse into the classic gameplay, where in each match, a random Axie is cursed and the player must replace two random parts from that cursed Axie.

Classic players can acquire Premium CC tickets using SLP and also earn SLP rewards upon successfully completing the Coliseum. According to Sky Mavis, the Premium CC acts as a burning mechanism for SLP in the Classic version. The entry cost for players is 150 SLP, with elimination occurring after three losses.

To accumulate rewards, players need to win twelve battles, earning 5,400 Axie Experience Points (AXP), an off-chain token that is gained by Axies through gameplay and other various experiences. Additional SLP rewards are distributed at different milestones: three wins – 50 SLP, six wins – 150 SLP, nine wins – 300 SLP, and twelve wins – 1,500 SLP.

According to Kookoo, web3 content creator, that players can use the SLPs they won in Origins, the current main gameplay of Axie Infinity, to purchase the tickets. 

Previously, players could earn SLP by playing player-versus-environment (PVE) and player-versus-player (PVP) matches in Classic, however, it can be remembered that last August 2022, SLP was removed and integrated to then-upcoming Axie Infinity: Origins, the current main gameplay. 

Axie Part Evolutions

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In December 2023, announced the release of Part Evolutions, which are Dynamic non fungible-tokens (NFTs) — type of NFT that can change over time based on external conditions.

This update introduces Stage 2 evolutions for all 250+ axie parts, allowing players to enhance their favorite Axies’ strength, rarity, and aesthetics. Sky Mavis noted that the materials, represented by class-specific ERC-1155 tokens, is now a vital component in the Axie Infinity ecosystem, enabling the evolution of parts for both collectible and traditional axie holders. 

Users can obtain materials through the collectible axie reward system, as well as by releasing axies and purchasing from the open marketplace. 

The developers stated that Part Evolutions is part of Axie Core, contributing to Sky Mavis’ broader vision for Axie Infinity, aiming to strengthen player connections and create a balanced game economy.

“Part Evolutions is the most important release Axie Infinity has had to date as it is a significant step towards vertical progression, providing a viable alternative to horizontal progression that was previously limited to buying more Axies or collectibles,” Sky Mavis CEO and Co-Founder CEO Trung Nguyen stated.

Nguyen highlighted their belief that in the new digital age, a player’s relationship with their Axies will become core to their digital identity. He emphasized that Sky Mavis is excited to provide a “new way for the community to personalize their axies and fall in love with them even more.”

What is SLP?

Smooth Love Potion is a utility token used in the Axie Infinity game to breed new Axies, which are creatures that can be used in the game. 

Since it became popular in 2021, players have the option to exchange their SLP for real-world currency, such as USD or PHP, through cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance or engage in peer-to-peer (P2P) transactions with other players or breeders. 

In 2022, a then-Twitter (now X) survey with over 5,700 respondents from the Axie Infinity community highlighted that the price and value of SLP is the most crucial factor for players, surpassing other categories combined. SLP’s importance, with a total of 71.3% of votes, significantly outweighed categories like “fun game” (13.6%), community (10.4%), and the price of Axie (4.7%). 

What is Axie Infinity Classic?

Axie Infinity: Classic, the 2.0 version of the popular blockchain game, is a turn-based card battle where players assemble teams of Axies to compete in the arena, playing cards strategically for victory. It was the main gameplay of the game when it rose to popularity in 2021. 

In August last year, the game announced the Classic Cup where players had the opportunity to qualify by climbing the leaderboard after a MMR reset. The top 512 players on the Axie Classic leaderboard automatically qualified for the cup, which features a prize pool of 1,000 AXS. 

In November, Axie Infinity Classic was relaunched during the YGG Web3 Games Summit. 

Recent News on Axie Infinity

Jeffrey Zirlin, co-founder of Sky Mavis and known as Jihoz, expressed gratitude and appreciation to the Filipino community during the YGG W3GS. He highlighted the Philippines as the “beating heart of web3 gaming“.

Moreover, Axie Infinity also launched its merch store to establish itself as a lifestyle brand, featuring figurines, plushies, and apparel. The move emphasizes community ownership, and Sky Mavis aims to elevate experiences for Mystic holders by offering token-gated figurines with exclusive land item NFTs. Sky Mavis partnered with GrabAds to integrate web3 in Southeast Asia, offering Grab points as rewards for exploring the Axie Infinity Merch Store through ads on the Grab app. 

The initiative begun in the Philippines and will expand to Vietnam and Indonesia. The first collection, >Code: Axie_, pays homage to Axie’s origin, reflecting its birth as a combination of code and art.

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