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Unsatisfied with your pulls and wondering if the Love and Deepspace Reroll is worth it? My guide tells you how to perform a reroll if you insist on it, but explains how in Love and Deepspace the Reroll system is a little different than other gachas.

Love and Deepspace is a unique 3D Otome game that takes place in a futuristic sci-fi world. You play as a Deepspace Hunter, who is tasked to destroy all ‘Wanderers’ in the surprisingly engaging real-time combat system. During your journey, you’ll interact with a range of characters, including 3 in particular that may or may not become love interests over time…

You can check out Love and Deepspace over on the Play Store! We also covered a Love and Deepspace Characters guide. Plus, Love And Deepspace Codes for those extra freebies!

Love and Deepspace Reroll

In short, rerolls are possible but whether you want to risk it is entirely up to you. Love and Deepspace operate their rerolls differently from other gachas in the sense that you have to have an account linked to play. This means you cannot do the typical route of using a guest account, deleting it, and redownloading to get new pulls from a new guest account.

To perform a reroll you need to repeat the repetitive process of the introduction cut scenes and early-game mechanics walkthrough. The catch is that your account will be linked to all of this. This makes it more tedious to completely wipe the game data. Because of this, most players are happy to just keep their first pulls. After all, Love and Deepspace are generous with Wishes, so getting more 5-Star Memory cards shouldn’t be too tricky.

Plus, if you were lucky enough to pre-register then you’ll be wasting all the rewards you obtained from the sign-up. Overall it isn’t worth rerolling, but if you’re desperate you can do it.

How To Reroll In Love and Deepspace

Upon launching the game for the first time, sign in using an account. This will then generate a unique Player ID. If you do not pull a Memory you want then you’ll need to redo the process of signing up but use a different email since your first email is already tied to an account.