I’ve never seen returns like this before (10,868x profit)…


They say you should invest in what you know and love.

“Well,” you might say, “I know and love food. Does that count?”

Funny you should ask…

Foods & Beverages as Start-Up Investments

Food & Beverage products can make great investments. For example:

  • Not so long ago, Naked Juice was a tiny start-up. It believed there might be a market for all-natural juice in a bottle. Pepsi soon acquired it for an estimated $450 million.
  • Chobani, the Greek-style yogurt start-up, is now worth several billion dollars.
  • Then there’s one of the most profitable investments of all time: the whopping 10,868x return that came from the acquisition of Coca-Cola.

It used to be challenging for investors like us to find high-quality start-up investments in this sector. But thanks to equity crowdfunding, now it’s as straightforward as hopping online.

In fact, after raising a financing round from regular folks like you, a tiny Food & Beverage start-up called BrewDog recently handed its investors a 2,765% windfall.

Three Food & Beverage Start-ups You Can Invest in Today

Excited to get a taste of profits like that for yourself?

Let’s look at a few Food & Beverage start-ups currently raising capital from investors like you:

Sienna Sauce

Sienna’s is aiming to disrupt the $37 billion sauce market with its gluten-free, low-sugar products, and it’s off to a great start.

In fact, after being featured on Shark Tank, the company received an investment offer from Shark Kendra Scott.

Available at Wegmans, HEB, and other national chains, the company’s sauces have already racked up hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales, and earned hundreds of 5-star reviews.


Uncooked is a quick service restaurant (QSR) serving bowls, sushi, overnight oats, smoothies, cake cups, and infused/zero proof cocktails.

Its chef-crafted, 100% whole-plant based food has earned it “5 stars” across all review platforms.

With four different sources of revenue — physical locations, direct to consumer, partnerships, and B2B — the company has already brought in $1 million in lifetime sales. It’s now projecting a $5 million run rate by next year.

Cool Beans

Cool Beans offers a line of frozen, minimally processed, plant-based wraps. Its wraps are available at 1,500+ stores including Sprouts, Whole Foods (NE), and Wegman’s, and are currently the #2 Alternative Frozen Hand-Held at leading natural foods retailer.

Launched in 2020, the company brought in $412,000 in first 2 years. Now it’s on a $1.2 million projected run rate for 2022.

Cool Beans is financially backed by industry insiders including the co-founders of Peapod, BeyondBrands, and GreenFare.

But Remember…

Keep in mind:

I’m not recommending that you go and blindly invest in these startups.

These are early-stage ventures, so you need to do substantial research before making an investment decision.

But if you love food — and you’d like to invest in what you know and love — these could be a great place to start your search!

Happy Investing

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Matthew Milner


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