LoL Porcelain Protector 2024 skins: Release date, prices, skins & more

New Porcelain Protector skins are coming to the Rift.

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The Lunar New Year is just around the corner and LoL has found multiple ways to celebrate it. One of them was releasing new skins from the popular Porcelain Protector skin line, which was created in 2022 precisely to celebrate this festivity.

There are seven new Porcelain Protector skins coming to LoL. These skins have a unique look with the champions wielding one of the Chinese Zodiac relics.

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So without further ado, let’s find out everything about the new Porcelain Protector skins.

Porcelain Protector expected release date

The new Porcelain Protector skins have already made their way into the LoL PBE. However, we still don’t know exactly when they will be released in the LoL client.

LoL Porcelain Protector Miss Fortune

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Credit: Riot Games

Porcelain Protector Miss Fortune

Since the Lunar New Year begins on 10 February, we expect the Porcelain Protecto skins to arrive at the LoL store on that same date. So hopefully, you will just have to wait a few days to get your hands on these unique skins.

New Porcelain Protector skins and price

Despite its arrival to the official client still being a mystery, we already know which champions will be receiving a Porcelain Protector skin and what they will look like.

These champions are Aurelion Sol, Morgana, Miss Fortune, Darius, Graves, Irelia, and Kindred. As mentioned above, all the champions wield one of the Chinese Zodiac relics, which is the most unique aspect of the skin.

LoL Porcelain Protector Darius

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Porcelain Protector Darius

Graves, Miss Fortune and Aurelion Sol wield a dragon, Irelia an Ox, Darius a tiger, Kindred a dog and Morgana a rooster.

When it comes to their price, we expect the Morgana, Miss Fortune, Darius, Graves and Irelia skins to cost 1350 RP. Porcelain Protector Aurelion Sol will be a little more expensive at 1820 RP, while the Porcelain Kindred skin can only be acquired with event tokens and will cost 2000 tokens.

The new Porcelain Protector skins look good, but many in the community don’t consider them spectacular. One of the fans went as far as saying these skins were “uninspired, boring, middle of the road, blue chromas”.

LoL Porcelain Protector Kindred

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Credit: Riot Games

Porcelain Protector Kindred

While they certainly aren’t the most astonishing skins LoL has ever released, these new Porcelain Protector skins are a solid entry into this skinline. They do a good job of fulfilling their purpose, which is celebrating the upcoming Lunar New Year.

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