Memecoin MOOKY Enters The Final Presale Round Having Raised $900k

Memecoin MOOKY Enters The Final Presale Round Having Raised $900k

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Mooky, a meme coin project aiming for a better environment, enters its final presale phase round after raising $900,000.

In 2023, Mooky was created to increase awareness of global environmental challenges and provide real-world solutions. Mooky is following the cue of successful meme coins in the market to help the environment. The project aims to support the environment through Its community and a major tree-planting campaign.

Notably, the funding collected from all the presale rounds will be used to sustain extensive deforestation initiatives around the world. In addition, Mooky hopes to work with charities dedicated to sustainable environmental causes by donating to their cause.

At the core of the project is MOOKY, a native token with numerous utilities, including governance. Token holders are responsible in decision-making processes to grow the community and the entire ecosystem. There are 500 billion MOOKY tokens. 70% of these tokens were allocated for the presale round. The MOOKY token offers users zero slippage and zero tax, allowing traders to get the most from the market. Part of the tokens will be locked up for 2 years as liquidity. Mooky will not have a VC or private sales, and no tokens will be allocated to the team. The final presale round has five days left, giving interested investors enough time to join the project.

The Mooky website reads in part:

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“MOOKY is the cutest and coolest meme token of 2023! We will be helping plant trees globally with the aim to better our environment and inspire change.”

Mooky is based in a mystical land called Pygmy, a beautiful land of abundance. Settlers come from far to enjoy the fantastic reality and its landscape. The settlers, however, destroy the land causing the monkeys to take action. Led by Mooky, the monkeys teach the settlers to respect the land and build a better environment. 

In addition, Mooky has created a collection of 1000 NFTs linked to a tree planted in the real world. NFT holders have access to Ventures Club an exclusive and vibrant community of environmentally conscious enthusiasts. The club grand holders have access to exclusive rewards and events, including airdrops bi-monthly from Mooky partnership platforms, merchandise, and passive income from their investment portfolios.

To date, Mooky has formed many strategic partnerships including partnering with LBank and a tier 1 CRX to be announced in the coming days. 

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