Microsoft layoffs will affect more than 11,000 employees


Microsoft layoffs in 2023 will allegedly affect 11.000 employees. Before reporting their quarterly earnings next week, Microsoft is widely anticipated to announce employee layoffs. According to recent reports, the corporation is considering whether or not to lay off about 5% of its workers, equating to more than 10,000 employees out of a total of more than 220,000. After the Amazon layoffs, unfortunately, big tech layoffs continue with Microsoft.

The data shows that there were 154336 tech workers laid off in 2022, and 104 tech companies have already laid off 26061 employees in 2023. The great tech expansion is still hammering with a layoff spree.

Microsoft layoffs 2023: Job cuts will affect more than 11,000 employees

Multiple sources reported on Tuesday that software giant Microsoft is set to lay off thousands of human resources and engineering departments workers. Mass job cuts have happened before at Microsoft. In 2022, after laying off a thousand employees, the tech giant became the main topic of conversation with the same topic again. Microsoft, which has spent extensively on cloud computing and is currently valued at $1.78tn, will report profits for the second quarter next week and wants to reveal the layoff news before the event.

Microsoft layoffs 2023: Amazon job cuts that affect 11,000 employees explained. Big tech layoffs continue... Learn why and what will happen next.
Microsoft layoffs 2023: Big tech layoffs continue

Expected layoffs would be the latest in the U.S. technology sector, where companies including and Meta have announced retrenchment exercises due to falling demand and a worsening global economic outlook.

Microsoft is planning to announce big layoffs in the company’s engineering departments. These layoffs reportedly exceed the company’s 1% employment decrease from the previous year. Consulting and customer and partner solutions were hit particularly hard by the earlier layoffs.

Microsoft declined to comment on the reports.

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What is happening to Microsoft?

After consecutive quarters of decline in the personal computer market-affected Windows and devices sales, Microsoft is under pressure to sustain growth rates at its cloud business Azure too.

The layoffs came only a few weeks after Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella predicted a difficult two years ahead for the technology sector. When asked by CNBC, Nadella said that Microsoft wasn’t “immune to the global shifts,” and he also stressed the importance of efficiency in the computer industry.

Microsoft layoffs 2023: Amazon job cuts that affect 11,000 employees explained. Big tech layoffs continue... Learn why and what will happen next.
Microsoft layoffs in 2023 will affect more than 11,000 employees

Microsoft’s unlimited vacation policy

Microsoft’s new unlimited vacation policy came just days before the company announced layoffs. All accumulated vacation days will be paid to Microsoft employees in a single payment this April, and managers will have unlimited access to “Discretionary Time Off.” Microsoft’s chief people officer, Kathleen Hogan, emailed the news to employees.

“How, when, and where we do our jobs has dramatically changed. And as we’ve transformed, modernizing our vacation policy to a more flexible model was a natural next step.”


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Biggest tech layoffs in 2022

Do you remember what happened in 2022? Meta, Twitter, Snap, and others in 2022, a surprising reversal for a sector that had witnessed huge growth for over a decade.

These are just some of them:

  • Meta layoffs 2022: 11,000 employees
  • Snap layoffs 2022: 6,000 employees
  • Getir layoffs 2022: 4,480 employees
  • Twitter layoffs 2022: 3,700 employees
  • Bytedance layoffs 2022: 3600 employees
  • Salesforce layoffs 2022: 2,100 employees
  • Stripe layoffs 2022:1,100 employees
  • Coinbase layoffs 2022: 1,100 employees
  • Microsoft layoffs 2022: 1,000 employees
  • Netflix layoffs 2022: 450 employees
  • Tesla layoffs 2022: 229 employees
Microsoft layoffs 2023: Amazon job cuts that affect 11,000 employees explained. Big tech layoffs continue... Learn why and what will happen next.
Microsoft layoffs 2023: 26061 employees laid off in 2023 already

It is important to take precautions, and layoffs are not the only option. It’s terrible news for the industry overall that some businesses have halted or stopped hiring. These are the tech companies that have slowed or frozen hiring in 2022:

  • Microsoft
  • Nvidia
  • Lyft
  • Uber
  • Salesforce
  • Meta
  • Spotify
  • Google
  • Apple

The tech industry has lost almost 150,000 jobs since 2022. For detailed information about tech layoffs in 2022, go to our report.

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Will tech layoffs continue?

It’s been ten years since the tech industry experienced such explosive growth and extravagant expenditures. Silicon Valley companies that announced huge layoffs might be a leading indicator for the economy given the global recession, which may last much longer and be much harsher than many believe.

As a result of the current economic climate, tech companies may be forced to scale back their quick growth and spending boom in favor of cost-cutting measures wherever possible, and layoffs appear to be one of the first choices in 2023, like 2022.


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