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MobiDev Lists Top 5 Augmented Reality Trends of 2023


Holograms, like in the Star Wars and the Marvel movies, now surround us in the real world, bringing a new immersive experience, and it’s more than just entertainment. Today, augmented reality is an effective business tool. MobiDev experts gathered the top 5 augmented reality trends for your business in 2023:


Metaverse fans love taking things from the digital world into the real world and vice versa with AR. Using body and face tracking, as well as advanced scene depth sensing, companies are already working on camera filters that accomplish this. Geenee AR and Ready Player Me partnered up to make this experience a reality. There has also been some buzz about virtual art, or art from the real world being offered as AR experiences.

AR meets AI

It’s no surprise that AI and AR work well together due to AR’s needs. Complicated algorithms must be used to make sense of sensor data of the environment. AI can simplify that process and make it more accurate than a model made exclusively by a human. An example of this in practice is the app ClipDrop.

Evolving Mobile AR

Most consumers have some kind of mobile device, and AR headsets haven’t gone mainstream for consumer use just yet. Because of that, businesses have found a number of opportunities to leverage mobile devices for AR. The technology has improved significantly as well over the years. 

Indoor and Outdoor Navigation

In 2022, AR navigation has become more fluid and achievable than ever before. One of the most useful applications of this technology is for displaying AR directions in large indoor locations like distribution centers, shopping malls, and airports. Something that shouldn’t be overlooked is this technology’s potential to be used by both consumer and business users.

Healthcare and AR

According to Deloitte Research, augmented reality and AI will transform the traditional healthcare business model by offering AR/MR-enabled hands-free solutions and IA-based diagnostic tools. For example, Microsoft Hololens 2 can provide information to the surgeon while allowing them to use both of their hands during the procedure. Combined with machine learning algorithms, AR technology can become an efficient option for disease detection.

AR and Shopping

Augmented reality was one of the technologies that benefitted the most from the Covid-19 pandemic. It resulted in an explosion of virtual try-on solutions. Brands are actively adopting AR technology to improve the user experience when shopping online. For example, FRED Jewelry uses AR to let customers customize bracelets on the company website with a 3D configurator and try them on virtually. 

With the market expected to reach $97.76 billion in 2028, it’s clear that augmented reality is the future for many industries. 

Discover more about the Top Augmented Reality Trends Trends of 2023 here.

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