New from PayPal: Tap to Pay for Venmo and Zettle’s Android-Based Merchants – Finovate

  • PayPal is launching Tap to Pay on Android for U.S. Venmo and Zettle business users.
  • The new capability will enable merchants to accept contactless payments without additional hardware.
  • All Venmo business users will have access to Tap to Pay in the coming months.

PayPal has been on a quest to improve the checkout experience since its launch in 1998. The California-based company is continuing that journey today by rolling out Tap to Pay on Android for the U.S. business users of two of its subsidiaries– Venmo and Zettle.

The new capability enables merchants to accept contactless payments on their Android mobile devices without additional hardware. After a short onboarding process, Venmo business users can use the Venmo app to manage funds received via both Venmo and card. Regardless of the transaction type, all funds will settle into the business’ Venmo account to facilitate cash flow management.

“Tap to Pay is the last milestone in the democratization of in-person card payments, where users can start taking card payments with no setup cost in a matter of minutes,” said PayPal Head of Product, Microbusiness Ed Hallett. “We’re unlocking access to this capability for the millions of businesses using Venmo and PayPal Zettle, helping them drive sales with frictionless payment options.”

All Venmo business users will have access to Tap to Pay in the coming months, but the new capability is also currently available by request.

PayPal-owned Zettle first launched Tap to Pay on Android for Zettle users in the U.K., Sweden, and the Netherlands last May, and has since rolled out the technology for Zettle users in more regions– including in the U.S.

While Apple unveiled Tap to Pay on iPhone last April, Stripe was the first company to bring the technology to merchants with Android devices. The payment service provider launched Tap to Pay in February of this year for merchants in the U.S., Canada, the U.K., New Zealand, Australia, and Singapore.

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