Next-level Network Security Solutions Required for Today’s Sophisticated Cyber Threats

Network Security Solutions

Factors such as cloud computing, remote work and the IoT have dissolved the traditional network perimeter. Modern network security, therefore, requires a more complex approach.

A NYC area cyber security expert explains the need for advanced network security solutions in a new article. The informative article first discusses the changed nature of today’s networks and security threats.

The author then details six critical features of competitive network security solutions, including zero trust security, identity and access management, and automation. She continues by identifying cloud-native security solutions, network segmentation and email security solutions as essential elements of network security.

“Factors such as cloud computing, remote work and the IoT have dissolved the traditional network perimeter,” stated Jennifer Mazzanti, CEO, eMazzanti Technologies. “Modern network security, therefore, requires a more complex approach.”

Below are a few excerpts from the article, “Next-level Network Security Solutions Required for Today’s Sophisticated Cyber Threats.”

Network Security Challenges

“Several key challenges drive network security strategies this year. In the first place, cloud computing has become the norm, offering distinct advantages but introducing significant security risks. According to Gartner, security misconfigurations contribute to the majority of data breaches. Access control issues also play a major role in securing the cloud.”

“Malware and ransomware continue to pose a threat to network security, and they have grown more sophisticated. Ransomware gangs employ tactics like double extortion, in which they both encrypt the victim’s data and threaten to leak it. And they have turned their focus to critical infrastructure sectors such as healthcare and transportation.”

Critical Features of Competitive Network Security Solutions

“Zero trust security – A zero trust security framework assumes no entity can be trusted by default. Thus, zero trust requires verifying every access request, and it enforces strict security policies and controls based on the principle of least privilege. That is, it grants only the minimum access necessary.”

“Identity and access management – An important aspect of zero trust, this involves authenticating and authorizing users and devices based on both their identity and context. For instance, identity can refer to role or department, while context might refer to time, location, or device state. MFA also plays an important role.”

Enterprise-grade Network Security Solutions

The cyber security consultants at eMazzanti Technologies understand today’s threat environment and the challenge of securing critical assets with limited resources. eCare Secure Route provides cloud-delivered network security and web filtering to protect any device, anywhere.

Comprehensive threat detection blocks phishing and malware attacks over any app, port, or protocol. And predictive intelligence, powered by big data analytics and AI, automates protection against threats both known and unknown. eMazzanti can help business leaders stop 50 to 98 percent more attacks than antivirus and firewalls alone.

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