Octopath Traveler Developer Acquired by Kadokawa – PlayStation LifeStyle

Kadokawa Corporation has announced the acquisition of Octopath Traveler developer ACQUIRE from GungHo Online Entertainment. Acquire is also the studio behind Tenchu and Way of the Samurai, which are owned by Kadokawa’s FromSoftware and Spike Chunsoft, respectively.

Octopath Traveler studio ACQUIRE is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Kadokawa

Kadokawa announced the acquisition in its latest earnings report. “To strengthen the ability to create IP in games as part of our game business strategy, we have made ACQUIRE Corp. into a wholly owned subsidiary,” the company wrote. “By acquiring the company, which has produced million-seller hit titles, we expect to generate synergies with our existing game-related subsidiaries, strengthen our planning and development capabilities Group wide, and enhance our lineup of console games.”

Kadokawa added that ACQUIRE is focused on the RPG genre and has the ability to produce hit titles, as evidenced by Octopath Traveler and Tenchu. Other than the aforementioned series, ACQUIRE has also produced the Akiba’s Trip series.

In the same report, Kadokawa announced that FromSoftware’s Armored Core 6: Fired of Rubicon performed “beyond expectations.” The company doesn’t have a policy of revealing sales results and forecasts for individual titles, but said that it’s pleased with Armored Core 6.