Oregon Lottery Launches Taylor Swift-Inspired Series of Bets During Super Bowl

One game. Two teams. Three days to face the destiny and learn own capabilities. With almost equal odds, two teams are determined to leave their hearts on the field to win the Big Game. There could be only one, and it will be the more passionate one. Kansas City Chiefs or San Francisco 49ers?

Taylor Swift seemingly has no doubt when it comes to passion and love for the team and is reportedly followed by a growing number of fans and bettors. The celebrity supports the Kansas City Chiefs and particularly its tight end Travis Kelce. The singer, followed by an army of fans called ”the Swifties,” has inspired the Oregon Lottery’s DraftKings Sportsbook to launch a series of wagers making references to Taylor Swift songs as the final countdown to the Super Bowl LVIII begins.

Taylor Swift-Inspired Bets:

The sports book’s release includes wagers like the ”Shake It Off” that allows bettors to bet on the team that would score first. Further, ”The Wildest Dream” bet will be the winning hand if Travis Kelce scores the first and the last touchdown of the game. If you think this is fun, you are completely right. It’s tons of fun and the wildest dreams are allowed when the Super Bowl fever is shaking all over the place.

Oregon Lottery has developed its sports betting facilities since October 2019 to handle a total of $1.75 billion in bets to date. In the recent press release, Oregon Lottery’s Sports Betting Products Manager Kerry Hemphill stated that the Super Bowl is the most popular American sports betting event. “The fanfare and celebrities at this event generate the most interest in sports betting we see all year,” Hemphill reportedly said. “The ‘Taylor’ effect may also result in more casual sports betters taking a chance to have fun.”

Prop Bets:

These factors are seemingly the underlying reason for operators to launch “prop bets” as another Super Bowl betting alternative to traditional game plays. Oregon Lottery joined the trend to offer prop bets ranging from those placed on the coin toss or an unprecedented score, known as scorigami. Bettors will also have the opportunity to take their chances on the color of the Gatorade to be dumped on the winning coach, as well as the Big Game’s MVP, the better-performing defense, and more.

Prop bets will be available to Oregon bettors through the DraftKings Sports Book. During the 2023 Super Bowl, this operator handled almost 307,000 bets totaling $5.3 million. The biggest win in 2023 amounted to more than $21,000 on a $350 bet placed on the correct three consecutive league winners ending with the Super Bowl. This year, Oregon Lottery expects a significant turnover again and launches themed prop bets to make the most of the most important American sporting event of the year. The operator reminds players to take advantage of the DraftKings app to gamble responsibly and have great time.

One game. Two teams. Million ways to have fun. Tailor your prop bet in time, but tailor it swiftly – the show is about to begin!

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