Ostend-Bruges and Antwerp airports ready for summer holiday, expect 160,000 passengers in July and August

Ostend-Bruges Airport and Antwerp Airport expect 160,000 passengers this summer holiday. Together with all partners, the airports have prepared themselves to make the summer vacations run smoothly.

Regional airports are gaining more and more popularity. Passengers here travel without stress and do not have to be there three hours in advance. For many, this is a decisive factor in choosing a regional departure,” says CEO Eric Dumas.

Airport Ostend-Bruges

Ostend-Bruges airport expects 90,000 passengers in July and August. That figure is in line with last summer’s passenger figures. Travellers again have a choice of 13 Spanish, Greek and Turkish destinations. For the first time since 2019, you can fly from Ostend to Antalya again. The Turkish destination is offered three times a week. The top 3 summer destinations from Ostend are Alicante, Malaga and Tenerife.

Airport Antwerp

Antwerp Airport expects 70,000 passengers in July and August. The airport hopes to surpass 2019 passenger numbers this summer. Travellers can choose from 12 destinations in Spain, Greece, Morocco, Turkey, Croatia and the United Kingdom this summer. Thanks to TUI fly’s new aircraft, more distant destinations such as Tenerife, Crete and Antalya will be offered from Antwerp for the first time this summer.

In addition to TUI fly, ASL Fly Executive and Luxair will also operate flights from Antwerp this summer. ASL will fly twice a week to Ibiza between June 30 and August 21 and Luxair will fly four times a week throughout the summer vacation and in just 50 minutes to the British capital’s London City airport.

Regional airports popular

Our regional airports are gaining in popularity,” says CEO Eric Dumas. “Due to the congestion at major airports, travelers are increasingly choosing a regional departure. Our airports do not face staff shortage and passengers do not have to arrive at the airport three hours in advance. In addition, the short walking distances and quick walkthrough times are decisive factors for many passengers to choose our airports,” stressed CEO Eric Dumas.

Together with all partners, the airports have prepared to make the summer vacations run smoothly. Whoever chooses a regional departure also immediately chooses a comfortable departure without stress. That is what we are known for, and that is what we are working hard for,” Dumas concludes.