Pokemon Unite Mewtwo announced: release date, datamines, and more

The Japanese Pokemon Unite Twitter page announced Mewtwo as celebration of the second anniversary of the mobile MOBA. For those who don’t know, Mewtwo is one of the most popular Pokemon of all time, originally debuting as the flagship legendary from Generation I.

Outside of the teaser post from the Japanese Twitter account, no other information has been officially revealed — but there have been datamines and speculation.

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Pokemon Unite Mewtwo release date

According to the official Pokemon Unite Twitter account, it seems Pokemon Unite Mewtwo is releasing on July 21. But it’s unclear how much the Pokemon will cost.

Seeing as how the Pokemon is releasing as part of the two year Pokemon Unite Anniversary, there is a possibility of Mewtwo being a free reward. Similarly, there’s also the possibility Mewtwo will be a Aoes Gems exclusive Pokemon. It’s impossible to tell, but expect updates on Mewtwo as more details are revealed.

Speculation and datamines

According to dataminer ElChicoEevee, Pokemon Unite Mewtwo will be releasing with two different licenses: “One Will release first then the second one Will release later.” Keep in mind, this isn’t an official reveal, but ElChicoEevee is a very reputable dataminer in the Pokemon Unite community.

Now, based on this leaked information, there are two different speculated ways Mewtwo can be played.

Perhaps Mewtwo starts off in its base form, and gets to choose between staying in base form or evolving into Mewtwo X or Y. This would thereby explain the two different release dates and licenses, with one evolving into X and the other into Y.

The other speculated method would be that base Mewtwo releases first. On a later date, they may release a separate Mewtwo that can choose between forms X and Y, similar to Urshifu’s different form mechanics alongside Scyther and Scizor.

In addition, Pokemon Unite Mewtwo will undoubtably deal special attack damage. The developers stay very loyal to their source material. And in the original games, Mewtwo is known for being a very powerful special attacker. Therefore, the legendary will most definitely deal special attack in Pokemon Unite.

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