PS5 Earbuds Offer Possible Solution To PSVR 2 Audio Flaws

PlayStation announced an official pair of wireless Bluetooth earbuds, promising lossless audio and low latency on PS5 and PC.

“I’m also pleased to reveal our first-ever PlayStation earbuds, which will bring next-generation audio immersion to PS5 and PC,” stated PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan during PlayStation Showcase. “They simultaneously connect to smartphones via Bluetooth. New wireless technology will deliver lossless audio with low latency.” Pricing details remain unconfirmed but more details are promised “in the months ahead.” You can watch the reveal below, timestamped at 57:34:

[embedded content]

An official name wasn’t revealed but the PlayStation earbuds could offer a potential audio fix for Sony’s latest VR headset. Our PSVR 2 review called audio our “biggest disappointment” with no in-built option, relying on detachable 3.5mm in-ear headphones that come in the box or your TV. Earbuds may present a more elegant solution than the over-the-ear Pulse 3D headset, which fits around PSVR 2 but involves wearing two headsets simultaneously.

Elsewhere, Sony’s PlayStation Showcase provided several new PSVR 2 announcements. Alongside our first look at Resident Evil 4 Remake VR Mode, last night revealed Arizona Sunshine 2 and Five Nights at Freddy’s: Help Wanted 2. Synapse dropped story details and a release date, Beat Saber surprise launched with a Queen music pack and there’s also a new Crossfire: Sierra Squad trailer.

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