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Releases Recap: November 14 – 18


This week, we released a bunch of titles and updates across the Meta Quest Platform. Here’s a rundown of the highlights:

Espire 2
Experience unparalleled stealth action in two unique story campaigns with Espire 2, a full-fledged VR FPS! After intel from an anonymous whistleblower reveals the terrorist group OPHIS’ plot for global domination, Espire Operative Poe once again finds themselves at the center of the Espire program. Control multiple Espire frames, each with their own special abilities, attributes, and strategic benefits for you to discover. Handle encounters with a variety of unique gadgets or neutralize targets with a wide array of realistic weapons. With the entire world hanging in the balance, it’s up to Poe and their Espire frames to dismantle OPHIS from the inside.

Perfect For: Fans of Espire 1: VR Operative, Phantom: Covert Ops, and République VR
Developer: Digital Lode Immersive Media
Available On: Meta Quest 2 + Pro
More Info: Hide or Seek: ‘Espire 2’ Out Now on Meta Quest 2 + Pro

Look down at your hands for a second. They’re remarkable appendages that have helped humanity survive and evolve over thousands of years. But have you ever wondered what it’d be like to replace them with baseball bats instead? Well, wonder no more: WHAT THE BAT? is the first VR game brave enough to explore this bold new idea. It has over 100 levels built around the core idea of having wooden bats as your hands. This can range from seemingly mundane tasks like trying to toast bread or brush your teeth to more complex ones like painting or playing basketball with an elephant (just one of several animal pals you’ll have in the game). Experience fully immersive silliness in a first-person experience like no other!

Perfect For: Fans of Trover Saves the Universe, Virtual Virtual Reality, and The American Dream
Developer: Triband
Available On: Meta Quest Platform
More Info: Swing Your Way Through Life in ‘WHAT THE BAT?,’ Out Today on the Meta Quest Platform

Broken Edge
Broken Edge is a 1v1 VR fantasy sword dueling game where you embody historical swordfighters. All characters are equipped with unique weapons, coupled with their own distinctive martial arts style. Learn to master these ancient fighting patterns to awaken the energy of your blade. Move and swing your sword freely as you would in real life, then apply tactical skills to block incoming blows and break your opponents’ weapon at the point of impact. Whether you’re a swashbuckling duellist or a feeble grunt, Broken Edge caters to players from all skill levels. Hone your skills in the dojo and take part in the global contest to climb the ranks online!

Perfect For: Fans of Blade & Sorcery: Nomad, Blaston, and BONELAB
Developer: Trebuchet
Available On: Meta Quest 2 + Pro
More Info: En Garde: ‘Broken Edge’ Brings Fantasy Sword Fighting to Life on Meta Quest 2

ForeVR Pool
ForeVR Pool brings the coolest pool halls from around the globe straight to your living room! Challenge friends, family, and in-game pros to a game of 8-ball pool—no table required. Battle 12 bots to level up and take on Legendary challengers. Join a Quick Match or jump into a private multiplayer party! Friend in town? Share your headset with Pass & Play. Up the ante and stake in-game coins in matches against other players. ForeVR Pool features 50 custom cues and five immersive halls, optional aim assist target lines, a YouTube-powered jukebox, and more. Experience ForeVR’s custom Pool physics engine, tailored for all play styles—spins, jumps, and trick shots included. Game on!

Perfect For: Fans of ForeVR Bowl, ForeVR Darts, and ForeVR Cornhole
Developer: ForeVR Games
Available On: Meta Quest 2 + Pro

Walkabout Mini Golf – Myst
The Dock. The Library. The Clocktower. The Spaceship. That massive gear embedded in a hilltop. Myst Island is iconic and has captivated players for almost 30 years now—but never quite like this. Walkabout Mini Golf’s new Myst course is a brilliant crossover between two fan favorites. And while Atrus’s famed island has been covered with bright green turf to mark the occasion, the Myst influence here is more than just aesthetic. Walkabout Mini Golf developer Mighty Coconut integrated puzzles into the course, mimicking some of the point-and-click play of the original Myst via mini golf. It’s a unique homage that should make Myst fans feel at home, while also giving Walkabout fans some tricky new twists to master.

Perfect For: Fans of Myst, Golf+, and The Room VR: A Dark Matter
Developer: Mighty Coconut
Available On: Meta Quest Platform
More Info: The Putting Age: ‘Walkabout Mini Golf: Myst’ Out Now on the Meta Quest Platform

Smash Drums – Anniversary Update
For those of you who grew up with the old rock music games of the 2000s, the new Classic Mode in Smash Drums will feel instantly familiar. Notes are propelled down the launcher to the rhythm of the music, and you clear them with the corresponding color-coded drum or cymbal when they line up with the beat line. Classic! Classic Mode is an entirely new game within the game, with a completely different feel—and a greater challenge in the harder difficulties. Get ready to rediscover Smash Drums! The update also adds new songs, bringing the total number of free rock songs to 50.

Perfect For: Fans of Ragnarock, Unplugged: Air Guitar, and Beat Saber
Developer: PotamWorks SAS
Available On: Meta Quest Platform

Zenith: The Last City – Legends Untold Update
Zenith: The Last City just received the Legends Untold update. The biggest patch yet, Legends Untold reimagines the leveling experience and brings refreshing new systems and content for players of all levels to enjoy. It introduces hours of both early and end game content, interactive systems, and storylines, plus quality of life improvements, bug fixes, and tweaks that address a big batch of top player issues. Create a new character to experience a completely revamped intro storyline with a memorable cast of new characters and new early game dungeon. Or put your end game skills to the test and face off against the challenging boss raid, the Tome Keeper. Find the full list of changes and improvements on the Zenith site.

Perfect For: Fans of OrbusVR: Reborn, A Township Tale, and RUINSMAGUS
Developer: Ramen VR
Available On: Meta Quest Platform

GOLF+ – Pinehurst No. 2 Course
This week GOLF+ added the Pinehurst No. 2 course to its offerings. Pinehurst No. 2, the centerpiece of the legendary Pinehurst Resort, remains one of the world’s most celebrated golf courses. It has served as the site of more single golf championships than any course in America. As the first U.S. Open Anchor Site, the championship will return to Pinehurst in 2024, 2029, 2035, 2041 and 2047. (Note: While GOLF+ is available on the Meta Quest Platform, full-length courses are only supported on Meta Quest 2 + Pro.)

Perfect For: Fans of Walkabout Mini Golf, Golf 5 eClub, and Disc Ninja
Developer: GolfScope Inc.
Available On: Meta Quest 2 + Pro

Visit the Store on the Meta Quest and Rift Platforms for even more immersive content. We’ll see you back here next week for another batch of releases.


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