Starlink antennas to be offered by Anuvu through reseller agreement


Starlink antennas are now offered by Anuvu through a new reseller agreement.

SpaceX launched the high-speed, low-latency broadband internet service for Maritime customers in July 2022. Starlink Maritime allows oceangoing vessels to connect from the most remote waters across the world and is able to withstand extreme temperatures and weather, such as gale-force winds.

Since the launch of Starlink Maritime, the service has gotten several new customers, including Royal Caribbean, which became the first in the cruise industry to use the satellite-based internet service. It has become even more available for Maritime customers.

Anuvu, which has been supporting customers’ Starlink installations since SpaceX expanded it to the maritime industry, announced that it signed a Starlink reseller agreement to offer the fastest Starlink Antenna for $2,500.

Anuvu’s VP of Marketing, Kim R., shared on LinkedIn that the team had been working “tirelessly to simplify the shopping experience with the creation of an e-commerce website, simplified billing, and removal of required bundles.”

The company also noted that it introduced the energy industry’s first crew portal tailored to support the service in October.

Anuvu’s SVP of Maritime, Energy & Government, Erik Carlsen, explained the focus on giving maritime customers the easiest acquisition process for low-earth orbit (LEO) connectivity.

“Before entering the Starlink resale business, we wanted to guarantee the most seamless, affordable, obligation-free experience for maritime customers, and that’s exactly what we’ve done,” he said.

“Customers who buy Starlink from Anuvu get our expertise and customer support without any strings attached. For maritime operators adopting a LEO solution, there’s no simpler path than ours to acquire Starlink.”

The company noted that customers who purchase a Starlink antenna from it would benefit from multiple payment options, end-user customer support, the fastest speeds in maritime, and simplified billing from a single source.

“We’re happy to engage as a trusted technology guide and partner for our customers, but if you just need the fastest Starlink maritime service available in a seamless and straightforward process, then Anuvu is the obvious choice,” Carlsen added.

Anuvu also gives customers the option for the installation of satellite-based internet.

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Starlink antennas to be offered by Anuvu through reseller agreement.


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