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BeducatedBeducated: Based in Munich Beducated is an online platform designed to provide comprehensive, pleasure-based sex education directly to individuals in the comfort of their own bedrooms. It offers access to over 100 online courses covering a wide range of topics related to sex and relationships. Founded in 2019, they have raised €900K  to create educational content for soulful lovers, and open-minded people.

EmjoyEmjoy: Barcelona-based Emjoy is a Female-founded femtech startup helping women find sexual happiness and fulfilment through guided audios. Women use Emjoy to increase their libido and climax more consistently, improve their relationships, accept their bodies, and spark their imagination through hundreds of audio erotica stories. Founded in 2019, they have secured €3.5 million.

FeelsFeels: Based in Paris, Feels is the anti-dating app where users have to post 6 photos or videos before answering 3 funky questions and letting a friend answer an additional question to build a 20-second “story”. The app then invites its users to flirt and seduce by browsing the application according to their feelings and reacting with feelsmojis. Founded in 2018, they have raised €3.6 million.

FitfayFitafy: this London-based dating and social networking app is designed for active individuals looking to connect with others who share a passion for health and fitness. It emphasizes meaningful connections by using fitness and dietary preferences as filters to find compatible matches, ensuring a shared lifestyle and values. Founded in 2019, they have raised over €1.8 million bringing together a real & fit community.

MojoMojo: Do you ever wonder why you can’t get or stay hard? London-based Mojo is a men’s sexual well-being app specializing in psychological sexual issues. It supports men’s sexual well-being by offering on-demand access to dedicated therapies and collaborating with professional psychosexual therapists to help men reclaim their erections. Founded in 2019, Mojo has secured over €3.8 million.

MyHotelMatchMyHotelMatch: Paris-based MyHotelMatch leverages the concept of online dating to match and book hotels, creating a unique and interactive platform. Based in Biot, they use AI and ML to facilitate smart matching, mirroring the success of online dating principles for hotel bookings. Unlike traditional OTA hotels do play an active role too. Founded in 2022, they have secured €1 million.

RailyRaily: Based in Germany Raily is a social dating app for travellers. It pairs you with wonderful friends or like-minded companions, directing you to the perfect places for an experience you’ll never forget. Integrated with cutting-edge AI, AR, and gamification, Raily enhances the way you travel. Earn exclusive NFTs and enjoy cashback with fellow travellers. Founded in 2021, they have landed €1.5 million. 

SmittenSmitten: Reykjavík-based Smitten aims to be one of the most fun dating apps on the market. With creative games, interactive profiles, and icebreakers, Smitten makes getting into a conversation as easy as swiping, regardless of your conversation skills. Founded in 2020, they have raised over €12 million.

POMThe Power Of Music (POM): Based in London POM is a dating app for music lovers, connecting users based on their musical tastes to foster genuine relationships. It emphasizes easy and natural interactions by allowing users to skip small talk and bond over music. The app also hosts events, providing opportunities for users to meet in person. Founded in 2019, they have raised over €1.7 million.

ThursdayThursday: London-based Thursday is a dating app for dating app haters. Through their platform, they organize weekly in-person events in over 60 cities worldwide. These thursdayº Events foster real connections in pressure-free environments, offering a match and chat feature to connect within the community before meetups. Founded in 2018, they have raised over €3 million.

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