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The Block 2022 episode 26 recap: Supply delays wreak havoc as teams tackle the biggest room in the show’s history


It’s living and dining week, which means its time (yet again) for host Scott Cam to remind us all how big this project is.

Yes, some ceilings in these rooms will be a whopping 7m high. And yes, the space is bigger than anything attempted before on The Block.

And yes, the teams will also be renovating a house for charity at the same time.

“Not only is this the biggest week on The Block, it’s also the coldest. Yes, hell week has come early,” Scotty further reinforces.

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We get it. It’s a big week.

Flushed with cash after another win, Tom wasn’t too worried about the herculean task ahead no matter how many times Scotty reiterated how big the job was.

“Our living and dining area going to be off its tits. It’s going to be bigger and better than anything done before,” Tom declared.

Of course, Tom was also safe in the knowledge that he would have a lot of help this week.

That’s because, the night before at judging, Tom had told Scotty he wanted to pull the Hipages lever. There was just one hitch — well, two actually — he’d neglected to inform Sarah-Jane about his plans, and he didn’t even know what room they’d be doing.

He had no remorse about his impulsive move and was sticking to his guns that he’d made the right call in not sharing his plans with his wife.

“It doesn’t affect her,” he shrugged.

It turns out there was method to his madness. He didn’t want the additional workforce to help with his grand living room design.

He wanted the Hipages helpers to get to work on the facade of the house in the hopes of beating the bad weather that was looming on the horizon.

Omar and Oz also had some grand plans – in the shape of a baby grand piano (or just a regular piano?).

Initially they were told the going rate for a piano was in the vicinity of $36,000 but with a bit of smooth talking (and the promise of being featured on a top rating TV show) they chipped the price down to $7000. Talk about going for a song!

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Neale ‘traumatised’ by team’s messy effort

As it turns out, the scale of the project proves to be the least of everyone’s worries.

Instead, Scotty calls everyone out into the rain and the sodden muddy work site to explain that the delivery of everyone’s insulation boards had been delayed.

Host Scott Cam breaks the news that the insulation boards have been delayed. Picture: Supplied, Channel 9

Host Scott Cam breaks the news that the insulation boards have been delayed. Picture: Supplied, Channel 9

“If you can’t insulate, you can’t plaster. If you can’t plaster, you can’t paint. It ruins everything,” Sarah-Jane explained of the far-reaching impact of the supply problems on their renovation.

It’s not an ideal week to be without insulation either as it was cold. Very cold. Not that Sarah-Jane was too worried about that as she has set herself up the ideal workspace for sub zero temperatures. Her bed!

“This is where I get all my best work done,” she smiled as she did some online art shopping, before rolling over for a quick nap.

Hey, scrolling a phone can be exhausting.

Sarah-Jane takes the term home office to a whole level, setting up shop in her bed. Picture: supplied, Channel 9

Sarah-Jane takes the term home office to a whole level, setting up shop in her bed

Meanwhile Rachel was on the hunt for a 10. And if she can’t get one from the judges, then she will grab one anyway she can.

And in this case that involved finding an elusive 10-seater table to bring some wow factor to their dining space.

Rachel and Ryan desperately needed a win. If not for an all-important ego boost, then to top up their coffers.

Scotty has already revealed the pair to be The Block’s biggest splurgers, with trade bills well above everybody else’s, including Sharon and Ankur (who most need tradespeople given they are the only team with zero building skills).

Rachel finally explained how their budget had gotten so badly blown.

Rachel finally gets her hands on a perfect 10. A 10-seater, that is. Picture: Supplied, Channel 9

Rachel finally gets her hands on a perfect 10. A 10-seater, that is.

She blamed the fact that they were parachuted into The Block to replace the runaway influencers at the 11th hour.

Thrown in the deep end, they never thought to question the fact they had 50 tradespeople on site helping them until it was too late, and they owed them all money.

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“Before we knew it, we had blown so much out in the first week and we were constantly trying to claw our way back, but we could never get back how much we blew in week one,” Rachel moaned.

Now pinching her pennies, Rachel was horrified to discover that Ryan had outlaid $10,000 on a fireplace that they did not have enough money to buy. Adding to that there was an outstanding timber bill that he’d forgotten to mention.

When Rachel questioned why (given she was in charge of the budget) he hadn’t thought to tell her about these additional expenses, Ryan committed the cardinal sin of marital fights. He told his wife to calm down.

Adding insult to that injury he then proceeded to tell her to “stop flapping her wings” because she was going to look like “a goose”.

Sarah-Jane and Rachel bond over their contempt for annoying husbands. Picture: Supplied, Channel 9

Sarah-Jane and Rachel bond over their contempt for annoying husbands.

Furious, Rachel then went to the one person on The Block who would not only empathise but gleefully join in the chorus of husband criticism — Sarah-Jane.

“I would have slapped him. I would’ve said: ‘do you want to see flapping arms?’ Sara-Jane exclaimed, before suggesting the girls should team up and leave their men folk to do their own thing.

Partner swapping? Now, that would give Scotty something really big to talk about.


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