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This Fall Equinox Tarot Reading From iFate.com Is 100% Free


The Fall Equinox is a pivotal time of the year and it’s important to meditate and reflect on how the year is changing at this moment.

The Fall season officially starts this Friday, September 24th with the coming of the Fall Equinox (also called the “Autumnal Equinox”). The popular astrology and Tarot website, iFate.com is marking the occasion by offering a free, online Fall Equinox Tarot Reading, available for a limited time.

What’s the Fall Equinox?

In astronomical terms, the Fall Equinox marks the half-way point between the longest day of the year, or the Summer Solstice, and the shortest day — the Winter Solstice.

Put another way, the Fall Equinox is the moment when day and night are equally balanced when measured at the equator.

Historically, the Fall Equinox marked the end of summer and the beginning of the harvest time. The Fall Equinox was considered a time of happiness, plenty and feasting. It was a time to honor the concepts of hard work and responsibility — and a time when the fruits of past labors could finally be enjoyed.

The Fall Equinox also represents a time of community and of joint-efforts. Ideas of charity and helping others were also a important parts of the historic harvest season.

For astrologers, the Fall Equinox also marks the moment the Sun enters the zodiac sign of Libra. This shift in astrological energies elevates the ideas of balance and unity in our lives, and brings about a time of self-reflection and insight.

Astrologers also see the Fall Equinox as a turning point in our own personal energy.

Los Angeles astrologer David Winters says, “The Fall Equinox is a moment to take account of past actions, and to possibly change course. The next half of the year may be harder. What steps do you need to take emotionally and spiritually to prepare?”

We asked author and iFate contributor Jocelyn Lee how she personally marks the Fall Equinox:

“The Fall Equinox represents a special moment reflection and meditation on this pivotal moment in the solar calendar. For many, the Fall Equinox is a time to think about work, family and future planning,” says Lee. “I like to observe the Equinox in three different ways”

  • “Work on something together with friends and family. The sense of unity you can get from shared efforts with friends and family is probably one of the most wholesome and rewarding things you can do. The Fall Equinox is a traditional time for these kinds of shared experiences.”
  • “Support your local farmers’ market and prepare a meal made of seasonal vegetables. There’s nothing more traditional at this time of year than enjoying the fruits of the harvest.”
  • “Do a Fall Equinox Tarot reading. The Fall Equinox is a pivotal time of the year and it’s important to meditate and reflect on how the year is changing at this moment. Tarot readings are one of the most therapeutic, meditative and insightful activities one can do to get spiritual and emotional clarity. This can be really important during a time of change.”

As the half way point between the Summer Solstice and the Winter Solstice, the Fall Equinox points the way to the next big day in the solar calendar: The Winter Solstice. The Winter Solstice in 2022 will come on December 22, just two days before Christmas Eve.

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