Valorant’s inevitable console release has community conflicted

Valorant, a first person, team based shooter developed by Riot Games, is supposedly coming to console quite soon.

Though not officially revealed by Riot, the community discovered bits and pieces of the play testing by looking through Riot’s job hiring board, where they are hiring for an Associate Console Playtest Analysis for Valorant.

This thereby points towards the inevitable playtest for Valorant on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PS4, and PS5. And though this is great news for console players wanting access to the game, not everyone is overjoyed.

The community is concerned about cross play for the game, as it may decrease the competitive integrity. This concern comes from the sentiment of needing aim assist in console games, which is arguably a very necessary component for first shooter console games.

“Please let there NOT be cross play,” one Twitter user commented on the speculated reveal Twitter post.

For those unaware, the PC version of Valorant doesn’t have any form of aim assist. In fact, aiming is a very important aspect of the game, very much distinguishing a skilled player from amateurs.

There hasn’t been any information regarding cross play or aim assist whatsoever. Therefore, these concerns are very much preemptive. But aim assist does seem quite likely, since it’s nearly impossible for controller wielding gamers to keep up with the incredible precision of mouse control.

At the same time, aim assist could very realistically break the game, as flick aiming is such a huge mechanic for Valorant.

A nice balance would be allowing cross play for casual modes, while now allowing it in ranked. Of course, there’s also a probability Valorant’s aim assist, if it exists, is so well implemented and balanced that it could see proper use in ranked while eliminating the concern of fair play.

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