VCT Americas League Playoffs 2023 Preview: Odds & Predictions

VCT Americas League Playoffs 2023 Preview: Odds & Predictions

Respected as one of the most popular regions in the VALORANT Champions Tour, the VCT Americas League Playoffs are here. Accordingly, with the highest stakes so far this season, we’ve gathered all of the necessary betting information in this VCT Americas League Playoffs 2023 betting preview!

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VCT Americas League Playoffs: Outright Odds

For those uanware, outright odds are a simple and beloved betting market in esports. Apart from providing insight into how the competition stacks up, it’s a simple betting market to consider.

Bearing this in mind, we’ve listed outright odds for the VCT Americas League Playoffs below:

Team Outright Odds
LOUD 2.2
Cloud9 3.1
NRG 4.1
Leviatan Esports 8.5
FURIA Esports 15.0
Evil Geniuses 25.0

Accessed from GG.Bet, we recommending learning more about this esports betting platform via our GG.Bet review.

Format and Schedule

After an extensive regular season, with 8 weeks of competition, the VCT Americas League Playoffs will take place between 1st April and 28th May.

Hosted offline at the Riot Games Arena in Los Angeles, only the top 6 teams from the Regular Season earned their spot after a round robin of BO3 matches with the following records:

  1. LOUD (8-1)
  2. Cloud9 (8-1)
  3. NRG (6-3)
  4. Leviatan (4-5)
  5. FURIA Esports (4-5)
  6. Evil Geniuses (4-5)

Moreover, after earning a spot in the top 6, teams will now compete in a double elimination bracket ripe for esports betting. With every team starting in the Upper Bracket, some teams have an advantage over others thanks to a better seed:

  • Top 2 – Upper Bracket Semifinals
  • 3-6th – Upper Bracket Quarterfinals

Beyond a simple prize, the main stakes at hand are the qualification seeds for future VALORANT tournaments. Here are the seeds that teams can earn for the future:

  • 1-3rd – VALORANT Champions + VALORANT Masters
  • 4-6th – LCQ

At this point in time, only the Quarterfinals and Semifinals matches have been settled on the schedule – here’s a quick look at the matches:

Upper Bracket Quarterfinals – 23rd-24th May

  • Leviatan vs FURIA Esports (22:00 CEST)
  • NRG vs Evil Geniuses (02:00 CEST)

Upper Bracket Semifinals – 24th-25th May

  • LOUD vs TBD (22:00 CEST)
  • Cloud9 vs TBD (02:00 CEST)

VCT Americas League Playoffs: Quarterfinals Betting Insights

Leviatan vs FURIA Esports

VCT Americas League Playoffs

Halfway into the season, Leviatan looked unstoppable. However, since then, they’ve suffered a number of losses, falling into the middle of the leaderboard.

On the other hand, FURIA Esports has been on an upward trend in the latter half of the season.

Now, both teams will be facing one another in a South American showdown. Specifically, this is a rematch of the last time that these fought, where FURIA Esports managed to win in a 1-2 fashion.

However, FURIA Esports’ recent loss to Sentinels has brought down their stock, and Leviatan are favoured by the VALORANT odds.

  • Predictions: Leviatan (2-1) FURIA Esports
  • Odds: Leviatan Outright Win (1.68), FURIA Esports Outright Win (2.16)
  • Betting Site: GG.Bet

NRG vs Evil Geniuses

Just like the South American rivalriy, the other Quarterfinal is a North American showdown.

With the third seed facing the sixth seed from the Regular Season, the outcome of this match is rather predictable by esports betting sites.

Moreover, Evil Geniuses have a lot of work to do should they want to face NRG. Otherwise, NRG are favourites to win here and possibly through the entire Playoffs event.

  • Predictions: NRG (2-0) Evil Geniuses
  • Odds: NRG Outright Win (1.25), Evil Geniuses Outright Win (3.88)
  • Betting Site: GG.Bet
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