Volkswagen launches new AI lab to accelerate product Innovation, in talks with potential partners for AI-powered prototypes – TechStartups

Volkswagen announced on Wednesday that it’s in talks with various global tech firms to team up and innovate on new digital products and features using artificial intelligence (AI). To generate innovative product ideas and develop early-stage digital prototypes using artificial intelligence.

The auto giant said the launch of an ‘artificial intelligence lab’ to generate innovative product ideas and develop early-stage digital prototypes. The initiative includes partnerships with tech companies across China, North America, and Europe, the company said in a statement.

The primary goal is to create early-stage prototypes focusing on AI-enhanced charging cycles, predictive maintenance services, and voice recognition. The statement indicated that initial talks with international tech firms for potential projects are already in progress, although specifics weren’t disclosed, Reuters reported.

Unlike being housed within Volkswagen’s software unit Cariad or any specific brand, the lab operates independently to expedite the innovation process. According to a spokesperson, this setup enables quicker progress compared to traditional company procedures.

Successful prototypes will be forwarded to Volkswagen’s brands for validation and implementation. The lab’s supervisory board will comprise Volkswagen, Audi, and Porsche representatives.

Meanwhile, Cariad, which has faced numerous delays and restructuring efforts, is currently devising a plan that may involve streamlining operations and reducing workforce numbers as it strives to introduce new software architectures to the market.

This news comes two years after the company announced it partnered with a Pittsburgh-based autonomous vehicle startup ArgoAI to bring to market by 2025 a version of its upcoming microbus, an electric van with a retro design.