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WARP token is trending. SLEEP’s ICO sale starts tomorrow


WARP is an exciting GameFi protocol. It offers great advanced features and a modern platform. Players will have the opportunity to build Starships that are the NFTs at the same time. They will be able to travel to multiple staking pools within the WARP metaverse and gain money while enjoying the game.

The company launched its native utility token WARP today. This ERC20 coin will offer its holders additional benefits on the platform. 1 WARP is trading for 250 USD during the initial coin offering. The total supply of tokens is 1,000, and the company accepts USDT in exchange.

WARP has many advantages that make this platform stand out among similar gaming websites. Its platform has a pleasing interface, which is easy to navigate. The gameplay is interesting and immersive. Users will have excellent adventures in the virtual world of WARP. Multichain integration will allow players to send their NFT starships between various chains belonging to the WARP universe.

Moreover, the company created a built-in NFT marketplace. The latter is the place where users can list, sell, and buy not only NFT starships but all the parts they need to create them. The team also stated that the multiplayer battle royal game would be free for all starship captains. They can list their ships on a turn-based blockchain battle arena and fight other listed starships. The platform will add new seasonal features, which will bring more advantages to gamers. It will also offer new economic opportunities to enable users to profit with this platform.

WARP has a top-notch security system to ensure that its users’ tokens are safe. Gamers will enjoy its powerful and unique WEB3 user interface.

What about the Starship battles? 

Starship battles are optional. Users can decide which ones they want to engage. However, all battles take place in the Battle Arena. Users must list their starship first to participate in the battle. There are two sides – defenders and attackers and players can decide which one to become. They can also earn rewards during the fighting. The platform will pay the latter in DAI. The company will also offer other incentives to attract more players to the platform.

The defender will have to set and pay a battle bid when listing a starship for battle. The battle bid fluctuates between 10 DAI and 1000 DAI. However, the attacker will have to pay the same amount the defender set if they want to engage in a battle with a specific starship. The winner will receive the battle bid from the other starship at the end, except for a 10% fee.

Every starship has different levels of strength. The latter determines the size of its owner’s bid. According to the team, it’s capped to a maximum of 10% of the starship’s strength. As a result, more powerful starships will be able to participate in better-paying battles.

Furthermore, a starship that takes the role of defender at first will receive a 10% extra firing power. The team calls it a courage bonus. Only starships with equal or less strength will be able to attack the defender. A more powerful starship won’t be able to attack a weaker one, but the reverse is possible. The losing starship will receive the damage worth 10% of the battle bid, and it will have to rebuild before another battle. Users will have to pay with DAI tokens to repair their ships. There is also a Repair Kit NFT.

How does the SLEEP platform work, and what does it offer? 

How does the SLEEP platform work, and what does it offer? 

SLEEP is the relatively new Web3 lifestyle app. It unites Social-Fi and Game-Fi elements. The team claims that this app is the first of its kind. It enables users to earn $ZZZ tokens simply for sleeping, relaxing, and putting their smartphones away.

Customers will have their own NFT beds. They can use the latter to “sleep” during the day or night. In the process, they will earn ZZZ tokens. Thanks to these coins, people can move to the higher level and mint new beds or acquire other equipment.

Furthermore, customers can sell or rent their NFT beds on the SLEEP Marketplace. The platform will store their earnings in the in-app Wallet, which boasts a built-in Swap function.

$ZZZ is the project’s native utility token. But it also has a governance token, $SLEEP. The company will start SLEEP’s ICO sale on September 21, 2022. It will end on September 29, 2022. SLEEP is a BEP-20 token, and its price will be 0.009 USD during the initial coin offering. The total supply of tokens is 1,000,000,000, but only 31% will be available for purchase at this stage.

The company aims to show the people the importance of quality rest. Thanks to this platform, the users will generate substantial income while sleeping. The team plans to develop additional features in the future. It will offer customers other game modes and enable people to earn more $ZZZ tokens.

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