What is the Wild Rift Hecarim release date?

Though the champion not officially confirmed, data mines have discovered Wild Rift Hecarim to release in Wild Rift. Similar data mines pointed towards Nilah joining the game — and with Nilah having been officially confirmed by Riot themselves, Hecarim’s eventual release is almost guaranteed.

This then begs the question, ‘what is the Wild Rift Hecarim release date?’

Though there is no official release date quite yet, the new Wild Rift champion will likely release around August 10. This is during the middle of Wild Rift patch 4.3a. Since Wild Rift Nilah releases during Wild Rift patch 4.3, both Vladimir and Hecarim are speculated to drop the patch after, a couple days after the patch’s initial release.

This assumes the developers remain true to their release patterns. In essence, the speculation assumes a double champion release is in store after Nilah’s solo debut.

This trend of releasing days after the patch is exactly what occurred with Ornn and Volibear, who launched simultaneously. Therefore, it rings very possible the same will occur with Vladimir and Hecarim. Of course, this remains purely speculation based on preexisting trends.

It’s very much possible that Vladimir and Hecarim release the patch after, therefore during Wild Rift 4.3b. This would then place the release date in late August, since Wild Rift patch 4.3b drops around August 16. And a couple days after the patch release would therefore place the Wild Rift Hecarim release date potentially in late August.

But this later release date is far less likely, since the developers typically launch champions in subsequent patches, leaving the last minor patch to deal with small balances rather than champion releases.

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