Why Are RLB Investors Frustrated? This Rollbit Competitor Might Soar To Success

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The end of 2023 and the beginning of 2024 has not been so successful for Rollbit Coin (RLB). After being one of crypto’s biggest success stories in 2023, with over 5,000% growth since early last year, RLB started to lose momentum coming into the new year.

The token saw immense popularity during 2023 as the crypto market recovered and the Rollbit platform grew exponentially, awarding free RLB tokens to existing users rather than holding an ICO.

However, RLB investors grew frustrated recently with lackluster price action. RLB entered a falling wedge pattern last November, falling from $0.26 to support at $0.12, shedding 50% of its value, as seen on the chart below.

The token has found strong support at $0.12, aligning with the 0.886 Fibonacci retracement level. $RLB has recently broken to the upside of the wedge, indicating a recovery might be possible, but resistance toward $0.2 is strong.

Whales appear to be reaccumulating RLB. According to CaptainAltcoin’s research team, RLB leads fresh, smart money purchases as whales slow their selling. Data is based on CoinSense.app that tracks real-time blockchain data to identify accumulation trends.

Miles Deutscher, a prominent analyst, highlighted RLB as an “enigmatic performer” disconnected from market moves. While short-term technicals are lackluster, revenues keep climbing. With the team teasing announcements and RLB near accumulation zone levels, Deutscher sees a tempting opportunity to build a position before the next bull cycle.

However, as RLB loses momentum, a new crypto presale called Scorpion Casino (SCORP) rapidly raised $3.5 million as investors sought fresh opportunities.

What is Scorpion Casino?

Scorpion Casino brings a licensed online crypto casino platform, allowing users to profit from gaming activities. Additionally, the project focuses on delivering passive income to SCORP token holders.

Using casino profits, Scorpion instituted an automatic SCORP buyback-and-burn mechanism. This creates a deflationary tokenomics structure rewarding long-term holders through increasing scarcity and value.

As adoption increases, so does passive income potential for holders – up to $10,000 USDT per day for major token holders. Essentially, SCORP gives holders an ownership stake in casino profits without operational overhead.

SCORP Price Action

SCORP presently sells for $0.027 during the presale, significantly below the $0.05 listing price – a 45% discount. ETH, USDT, and BNB can all purchase SCORP.

Of the 1 billion maximum supply, 280 million tokens are allocated to presale and 300 million for affiliate rewards.

Much of the presale’s explosive popularity comes from generous perks for buyers and gamers. Those contributing $100,000+ receive a 40% credit bonus.

An exclusive Elite Scorpion Members Club also provides VIP service, cashback, enhanced staking rewards, and additional SCORP.

For all SCORP holders, opportunities abound to earn passive income, play games for free, receive weekly bonuses, and get paid for referrals.

Upcoming BitMart Listing

The platform announced an upcoming listing of its SCORP token on the popular exchange BitMart.

This listing marks a significant milestone for increasing the visibility and accessibility of SCORP tokens for a broader investor base.

The integration with a top global exchange like BitMart also opens new avenues for growth and liquidity. As more crypto traders and gamblers buy into the SCORP ecosystem, platform adoption is likely to surge.

In turn, expanding usage directly fuels the deflationary tokenomics underpinning SCORP value. More activity means higher casino profits used for token buybacks and burns, enhancing scarcity.

Overall, between a wildly successful presale and upcoming premier exchange listing, Scorpion Casino is tactically positioned to achieve mainstream adoption and disrupt the crypto casino niche.

So, as legacy projects like RLB stagnate, fresh opportunities like SCORP offer investors improved tokenomics and income potential. SCORP brings an innovative crypto casino platform with deflationary tokenomics rewarding holders with ownership and profit sharing. With presale discounts diminishing, wise investors may want to consider buying SCORP today.

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