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Atomic Heart Trapped in Limbo keyartAtomic Heart Trapped in Limbo keyart
Atomic Heart is Trapped in Limbo

It’s been a year since Atomic Heart launched to the world, complemented by the Annihilation Instinct DLC. Now comes the chance to be Trapped in Limbo. That Atomic Pass is going bizarro. 

Available today as the second installment of DLC for Atomic Heart is Trapped in Limbo. It comes as Focus Entertainment and Mundfish get together to whisk players off to a strange, colourful new world. That world is Limbo, a place of mystery; a place in which you’ll be left to fight your way out. 

Trapped in Limbo with Atomic Heart?

If you have the base game of Atomic Heart in place, then you can get involved in Trapped in Limbo today. It releases on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC. Drop the cash required and you’ll find the opportunity to take on all-new enemies, work various weapons and uncover a ton of the most exicting revelations. 

Atomic Heart: Trapped in Limbo picks the story up immediately after the end of the main game. And this time it is found continuing a different ending from the one that the Annihilation Instinct DLC followed.

It introduces new sections of the twisted Limbo world bursting with fan favourite challenges, but this time with a unique Limbo flavor. While diving into the new insane gameplay, players will be tasked with helping P-3 break through a series of dizzying obstacles, uncover the secrets of his past and the world of Limbo, and demolish uniquely looking opponents with marvellously looking weapons in a combat extravaganza. In order to rise from the depths of Limbo to the top and free P-3’s mind from his demons, players will have to do everything they can to curb the changed rules of the game.

Trapped in Limbo holds the key to finding out the fate of Major P-3. And it is up to you to get your hands on it, surviving in this enigmatic world with inverted logic. Do so and you’ll be able to unlock seven unique skins, equippable in the main campaign. 

Buy now

Atomic Heart: Trapped in Limbo can be grabbed from the usual stores. Those being the Xbox Store, the PlayStation Store or that of PC. It’s included in the Atomic Pass, which itself is present and correct in both the Gold and Premium editions of the game. 

The question is, do you fancy getting Trapped in Limbo? 

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