Workout Wednesday: Meet Your Trainer in VR


Welcome back to Workout Wednesday. Last week, we highlighted some of the VR fitness apps our community loves the most and that help people get and stay active—and have fun doing it. And we also shared that you can now integrate your VR fitness progress to Health Connect by Android.

This week, we’re highlighting how expert trainers can help you dive into VR fitness. So whether it’s hearing from the creators of LES MILLS BODYCOMBAT about getting the most out of that mixed martial arts app, learning from another Supernatural Coach about how we can overcome our limitations, or following the lead of a Liteboxer trainer and punching your way to a great workout, you’ve come to the right place.

What’s New This Week

Get Movin’ Sale

From now through January 22, jump on a great deal for three-packs of VR apps that’ll get you moving for Meta Quest, as well as Daily Deals and a sale on more than two dozen titles that’ll get you moving:

Get Groovy Pack: Hit, dance, and groove to the beat when you get your heart pumping in these music games.

  • Smash Drums. Take off on an epic drumming journey and work up a serious sweat flailing away to 50 hit tunes.
  • Synth Riders. You’ll never want to stop shaking your booty while you catch notes, ride the rails, and dodge obstacles in this fantastic freestyle dancing and fitness workout.
  • Dance Central. With nearly three dozen hit songs to choose from, you’ll be able to do choreographed dance moves until the break of dawn.

Fight to the Finish Pack: Your task, if you choose to accept it—be the last one standing and claim glory, all while getting a vigorous workout.

  • GORN. Mayhem has never been such a great workout. Create chaos and take on an endless supply of opponents in this energetic VR gladiator simulator.
  • Pistol Whip. Bob and weave to avoid an assassin’s bullets in this award-winning action-rhythm game.
  • Ironlights. Get your heart racing in this VR dueling game and run screaming into the thick of fluid, slow-motion melee combat.

Stay Focused Pack: Stay active with this great set of golf, boxing, and table tennis apps.

  • GOLF+. Travel to some of the world’s top courses, put on some tunes, and smash some drives, either by yourself or with friends.
  • The Thrill of the Fight: You’ll be chomping at the bit to throw the knockout punch or duck under your rival’s swings in this heartbeat-raising boxing app.
  • Eleven Table Tennis: This ultimate ping pong simulator is perfect for getting a serious workout, either against an AI opponent or slicing and dicing with your friends in a race to 11.

Today’s Daily Deal: STRIDE. Get moving as you race across city rooftops like a parkour natural.

Elite Strap Bundle—Available for Two More Days

If you want an amazing deal on a must-have accessory that will help you maximize your VR workouts, there’s just two days left to save big on our Elite Strap bundle. Through January 19, Meta Quest 2 comes with a free Elite Strap, so you or someone you love can get going on fun and active workouts without worrying about your headset fit. With the Elite Strap, you can balance and support your Meta Quest 2 just by twisting its built-in fit wheel. And when you do, you’ll be able to do knee-strikes, swing for the fences, or bust a move without worrying about your headset fitting properly. Normally priced at $59.99 USD, the strap is available for no additional cost when you buy a Meta Quest 2, but only through tomorrow, so act fast.

New Content: Combat by FitXR

In this new fun and fierce martial arts-inspired workout, you’ll sweat as you make your way through combat moves inspired from Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Karate, Muay Thai, Boxing, Taekwondo, and more.

Featuring seven new workouts each week, you can train with Combat by FitXR to master the double punch, elbow strikes, and much more. And with Power Move Scoring, you can track your power and speed.

Trainer-Led Fitness Apps and Games

Who better to work out with than experts who can guide you to the best VR fitness experience possible? We’ve pulled together suggestions from coaches and trainers for how to thrive in each of these VR fitness apps and games so you’re inspired to get a sweat going and, hopefully, be active every day.


“When setting a goal, always remember that where you have been in your past does not dictate how far you can go in your future,” says Supernatural Coach Mark Harari. “The only limitations we encounter are self-imposed. So focus on the opportunity ahead of you. Find your courage, your confidence, and keep making progress each day toward that goal.”


“I’d suggest doing five to 10 minutes initially and take a slow and steady approach,” says BODYCOMBAT Program Director Rachael Newsham. “Too much at once isn’t smart. That will help you build a good foundation of fitness and won’t mean you need massive recovery before you go again. Consistency at an achievable level in the early days is the way to go. Once you have established that, you develop your fitness and endurance and can manage more workouts or more time.”


With FitXR, you can make your training personal. Regardless of what your training style or personality is, FitXR can match you up with someone from its diverse team of world-class trainers who stand ready to bring out your best.

Will you work out with Elise, a yoga teacher, music lover, and body positivity champion? Or will it be Garrett, a high-energy educator? Maybe it’ll be Sarah, a choreographer, dancer, and professor. Or you could choose Zion, an MMA fighter, athlete, and aspiring Olympian.

WIN Reality

With WIN Reality, you can start training and be ready for the real game of baseball. You’ll be able to train smarter and with improved performance thanks to WIN Reality’s situational hitting, occlusion, and pitch recognition for hitters of all skill levels. And because it’s designed by pro players, you know it’s the real deal.

Offering accessible training for anyone with real coaches and local stadium environments, you can become a .300 hitter from home.

And when you practice like a pro in this fully-immersive VR baseball and softball training system, you’ll face game speeds, real pitchers, and realistic velocity and movement. So boost your confidence by trying specialized training modes, and get ready to tear your way around the bases anywhere and anytime.


With Total Body Workouts, Liteboxer’s first VR full-body workout, you’ll be able to get your arms and legs moving with a series of all-new dynamic and interactive elements.

You’ll have your trainer right in front of you in VR, and they’ll guide you through every move, providing clear, expert directions at every turn. So get ready to pump it up with duck ropes, lunge lines, rope swings, battle ropes, speed bags, and much more to come.

With these accessible and fun movements, full-body training is more exciting than ever, no matter if you’re a beginner or expert.

Meta Quest Move Tips

Earn Move Achievements for Hitting Your Fitness Goals

You can easily keep track of your fitness milestones with Move Achievements. Whether it’s burning 5,000 calories or completing 100 daily goals, you can find all your achievements in the Meta Quest Move app’s dedicated tab.

To find Meta Quest Move, go to the apps panel of your Meta Quest headset.

Weekly Inspiration

“As an amputee, I relate to those who are hesitant to partake in the traditional gym experience,” says Trainer Billy Davis. “FitXR makes it easy for anyone, anywhere to get the most out of our workouts with adaptive fitness offerings. All classes in the Box studio are able to be played while seated by disengaging the squat feature. We also offer numerous seated classes in our Dance & HIIT studios allowing members with varying degrees of fitness experience and mobility to enjoy fun, engaging workouts.”

Keep Going with VR Fitness

The best thing about VR fitness on Meta Quest is that it’s all about fun and you can do it on your own time, anywhere you want. We’re pumped to help you get and keep your body moving, so no matter if VR fitness is a few-minutes-a-day thing for you or an hours-a-week passion, we’re excited to inspire you to pursue your VR fitness journey.

If VR is part of your exercise routine, we can’t wait to celebrate with you. Take a post-workout selfie and tag #VRfitness on Instagram to share your achievement with the VR community. We’ll see you next week for another Workout Wednesday.

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