Current CS:GO Team Rankings! What’s the Best Team at the Moment?


CSGO is a very popular Esports game that has gained the interest of a large number of players and teams worldwide. It is also the center of several big tournaments with huge prize pools, which ensures that the competition is always top-notch and the top position is never stable.

Based on results, rankings, and earnings of CS:GO eSports teams on in their last 50 matches, below is a list of the top 8 rosters. To determine the most precise choices possible, the relative strength of their rivals at the time of each encounter is also considered. Some teams may be rated on fewer than fifty official matches since the matches played over 12 months are taken into consideration to adjust for match frequency.

1. Heroic (982 points)

The squad that performs the best in autumn 2022 get ranked first. Throughout 2020 and 2021, Heroic saw a “meteoric surge,” swiftly earning a reputation as one of the top CSGO teams in the industry.

Casper ‘CadiaN’ Mller is the in-game captain and the heart and soul of the Heroic team. It is commonly regarded that with CadiaN in charge, Heroic had another successful year in 2022. They come out on top in Rio and triumph in the BLAST Fall Finals at the end of the year, setting up an intriguing matchup for the #1 seed against NAVI at the World Finals.

2. G2 (865 points)

When it comes to CSGO esports, G2 is well-known. G2 has developed into one of the top CSGO teams to follow and gamble on in recent years.

Ilya “m0NESY” Osipov, a CSGO prodigy who rose through the ranks the previous season, was signed to begin 2022. But it took almost half the year for our lineup to be finalized by adding jks and HooXi. After finishing as runners-up in Katowice, they finished in the top 5 in all significant competitions in 2022, but they never truly stood out.

3. Liquid (797 points)

In 2022, Team Liquid had a rank reset. Stewie2K and Grim, who had been benched, left for EG and Complexity, respectively, while FalleN formed his superteam in Brazil. By June, Shox and adreN had also left. Instead, YEKINDAR, pashaBiceps, and nitr0 had to work with the old Liquid core to restore them to their previous grandeur.

They gradually rose up the ranks during the year, finally winning the American Rio RMR and placing second in the 16th season of the ESL Pro League. This, together with a top-three finish in the Fall Groups, guaranteed them a place in the World Finals at the year’s conclusion and a chance to raise their standings.

4. FaZe (788 points)

FaZe Clan began the year of ’22 on a dominating spree, quickly advancing through its opponents and winning numerous significant matches. After a run of victories, legendary player Karrigan filled Olofmeister’s shoes and added his in-game leadership skills to an already potent FaZe Clan team. Beginning in 2022, FaZe Clan added ropz, one of the top CSGO players currently active on the market, to its roster.

5. Outsiders (736 points)

Due to political considerations, changed its name to Outsiders in March 2022. The team’s supremacy was unaffected by the rebrand, even though it is one of the oldest CSGO teams in the business. Regarding CSGO esports,, known as Outsiders, is a mainstay of the scene. With regard to Outsiders’ overall rankings in 2022, there has been a little decline. Due to limitations and the generally unfavorable environment in Russia for esports companies, the squad was forced to compete in several Challenger and mid-tier events.

6. FURIA (569 points)

FURIA is a relatively new CSGO esports squad, much like Team Vitality, yet it has had an illustrious, if brief, a career in the field. The finest Brazilian CSGO squad, FURIA, has spent the last five years fighting against teams from Europe and North America. Even though they often don’t take home a significant prize at events, they are a tough team that can easily compete with the greatest CSGO teams in battle.

7. MOUZ (556 points)

In addition to Liquid’s rank reset, MOUZ began the season at the bottom and advanced steadily through the standings. MOUZ will be seen much at the end of the year, but considering how much they developed in 2022, 2023 may be the year they make a deeper hold on the top 10 CSGO teams.

8. Cloud9 (504 points)

After a break of about a year, Cloud9 returned to the CSGO competition in April 2022. The entire Gambit lineup, which had been playing exceptionally well in the months before the purchase, was acquired by Cloud9 in one fell swoop. One of the most reliable teams in CSGO at the moment, Gambit scored several significant victories in recent years.

Final Words

The CSGO esports scene is vibrant and ever-changing. The top teams fluctuate almost every month, with teams and dominant performances changing from competition to competition. No club consistently sits at the top of the standings, despite the fact that certain teams are undoubtedly “better” than others. The top CSGO teams will shuffle and shift with each month in 2023, making it difficult to identify them accurately.

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