Cybersecurity for startups: Why you need Avira to protect your business (Sponsored)

In our increasingly digital world, cybercrime is becoming a looming presence for startups, businesses and organizations across the world. It’s something that can wreak havoc for businesses of all sizes, markets and backgrounds. For startups, where resources are often stretched and strained, taking cybersecurity seriously needs to be taken as a key priority.

Cybercrime attacks are actually more common for startups and the damage can be devastating. Many hackers assume that startups lack the financial stamina and expertise to protect themselves and quickly respond to attacks.

Lots of entrepreneurs and early-stage startups spend big on equipment, consumer/supply demands, and on strategies to contain their competition, with cybersecurity often being placed on the back burner. But, a lack of a comprehensive cybersecurity framework exposes organizations’ to massive financial losses and damaged systems—slowing and sometimes halting operations plus damaging brand reputations.

We take a look at the dangers and how startups can protect themselves with the help of Avira. Based in Germany and Romania, Avira offers antivirus software to protect startups – and it’s worth taking a look at. 

Software Hacking: Is it possible and what’s the danger?

The quick answer: it’s possible to hack any software. Let’s break it down.

Malware: Refers to ‘malicious software’. It basically means that software can infect, destroy and steal data from other software and computer systems. Such software includes Adware, spyware, viruses, Trojans, ransomware and worms. Since data is a critical component of any startup, any interference could affect the company.

Viruses: We’re not talking about the flu this time. Digital viruses refer to detrimental software that spreads across computers. It can be shared by employees through physical drives, emails and networks. Once in the system, the virus replicates and spreads widely, eating up much of the CPU power and eventually shutting down the computer. Many files are ‘eaten up’ in the process, and some cannot open completely. Without a proper backup, a business might completely lose valuable data. That’s not all, though, viruses also create room for other threats.

Ransomware: This is the software that accesses a computer through other software or unsafe downloads. Once in place, the programme creates encrypted algorithms locking all folders and files in the system. Regaining access to the data is only possible after paying the ransom and decrypting the files. Paying this ransom can be impossible for startups and during the whole process, you won’t even have access to files.

Trojan: This is a software that pretends to be a legitimate app. Once installed, it silently changes, deletes, copies and blocks data, giving remote control to attackers. Most hackers use Trojans to access financial information and break down servers. With this software, a startup can mysteriously go bankrupt, and all traces are lost.

Adware: These are unwanted programmes used by criminals to generate income, advertise other malware and create entry-points for other threats.

Spyware: Is it possible to spy through any camera?

The answer is pretty unsettling: yes, it is.

There are many stories of online spies working through different channels to intrude into people’s privacy, like spying on customers, eavesdropping on calls, bank card details, login credentials and tracing locations. Hackers can access webcams, nanny cameras, surveillance cameras, smartphones and other devices.

For instance, a Trojan is a commonly used malware to stalk victim activities. Once installed in a personal computer, the hacker can remotely gain access to a company’s online activities, as well as read messages and view camera operations.

Besides using strong passwords, beware of URL links to unsafe websites and spam emails containing malicious attachments and infected files since they act as baits to grant mischievous actors unlimited access to sensitive data, putting the entire business at risk.

Don’t be fooled to entirely depend on the green light alarm on your webcam as sufficient evidence of a potential threat. Criminals can turn them off and stalk you.

How Avira can help

As businesses increasingly go digital, cyber threats are inevitable. In today’s digital business environment, consumers want assurance of data safety. This creates the need for suitable cybersecurity precautions.

Avira’s Free Antivirus software is a leading program that blocks intrusive access by hackers. Through blockades, your devices and tech are protected from malware, spyware, viruses and other malicious threats. The program continually scans, detects and prevents all threats. For optimal efficacy, the program must be kept running.

Not only is Avira’s Free antivirus user-friendly, but it also improves the performance and usability of your device since it cleans and fixes any other problems that tend to slow down the system.

Other versions of Avira’s Antivirus come with additional features for protection. An example is Avira Antivirus Pro which offers firewall protection.

What it means for your business:

The software, originally an antivirus, can detect ransomware and phishing emails and block them from invading. The software produces enhanced performance in both mac and windows PCs and safe online banking and shopping since it keeps off webcam hackers.

Do you use public WiFi?

Avira Phantom VPN is a must-have free protection for your Android, IOS, Mac, and Windows devices. The software guarantees you a virtual private Network by masking your activities, allowing you to surf anonymously while giving you secure connections through encrypting your online traffic.

The most basic security measure for startups entails strong encryption as a password, and Avira’s password manager comes in handy. This version will detect and display previously used or weak encryptions as it helps you create and store strong passwords.

Trust Avira for Your Cybersecurity Needs

Avira is an industry-leading cybersecurity software that’s great at detecting and thwarting all types of malware. Such a protective pad minimizes exposure to financial losses arising due to ransom demands, downtime, and lost returns.

As startups focus on building and maintaining customer relationships, consider the fact that a single successfully launched attack may cause irreparable damage. Avira’s cybersecurity acts to shield customers, workers, and your IT infrastructure from such fraudulent actors.

Done correctly, cybersecurity measures for startups limit risk, support innovation, scalability and stimulate growth. Avira is your go-to cybersecurity solution when you need real-time protection, cross-platform/multi-device ransomware protection, and password management solutions, among other features.

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