OKEx Involved In Massive Meme Coin Transfers Including $443B SHIB


  • Nearly half a trillion SHUB tokens were transferred from an anonymous wallet to OKEx.
  • The exchange has been involved in massive transfers of other meme coins as well.
  • WhaleStates showed that the biggest whales have 50 trillion worth of Shiba Inu coins stashed away.

Approximately half a trillion Shiba Inu meme coins were transferred from an unnamed wallet to an address that belonged to significant crypto exchange OKEx a little more than 15 hours ago, according to the prominent cryptocurrency tracking profile Whale Alert.

Moreover, the platform was recently observed to make massive transfers involving other meme coins in addition to SHIB. It also picked up a large Dogecoin transfer two days earlier when an unidentified wallet moved 350,000,000 DOGE.

The account reported that an anonymous address transferred a total of 443,635,233,210 Shiba Inus to the OKEx crypto exchange. The value of this meme cryptocurrency in fiat currency is $5,145,739. It is anticipated that the move was aimed at selling this chunk of cryptocurrency.

Nevertheless, the 100 greatest whales have recently significantly expanded their exposure to Shiba Inu as it has once more become one of their top three cryptocurrency holdings, according to statistics released by the WhaleStats wallet tracker on its website. The biggest whales have 50 trillion SHIB stashed away.

According to WhaleStats, the top 100 Ethereum chain wallets currently collectively hold 50,767,469,828,130 Shiba Inus valued at $566,625,313.

Additionally, SHIB is currently the second-largest holding among the top 10. The SHIB in the whales’ wallets has grown significantly over the previous week, rising from a little over $100 million equivalent to around $600 million at the time of writing.

The market valuation of the second-largest token has increased by almost 21% over the last day. However, SHIB quickly soon began to decline sharply, dropping 12.5%. Shibarium’s beta version, the long-awaited Layer 2 protocol, will soon be released, which has caused the price of the token to surge recently. SHIB has increased 22% over the past week and is currently trading at $0.00001114.

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